Quick Ways to Encourage Customers to Buy Products Online

Quick Ways to Encourage Customers to Buy Products Online
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Putting products online to sell is a great way to make a profit. All you have to do is set up a website and describe your product in detail along with the cost. At any given time, there are more than two million people online searching for one thing or another. You can reach out to thousands of customers from all over the world through your website, and someone or another may be interested in buying your products. The best part is that you can sell products directly from manufacturers to a wholesale buyer to get wonderful bulk rates. However, selling online is not without its problems. The website Entrepreneur states that online competition is stiff. There may be thousands of websites selling the same thing and there is no guarantee that your product will be the most in demand. To ensure that your product stands out and makes the most sales, you have to tweak your website in several different ways.

Here are a few things you can try.

Have a fast website with minimum loading time

Most website owners underestimate the importance of a fast website. Remember, that having a pretty website is great but the graphics should not slow down the site. Customers come to shop and if the site is slow and takes more than a second to load, they will just click away to another website. If this happens repeatedly, you will lose faithful customers and develop a negative image in the customer’s mind. Instead of losing business and customers, it’s a far better idea to lose the graphics and streamline the site to load faster. Monitor the site loading time through Google Analytics to ensure that it loads between 3-6 seconds and less.

Give incentives to customers

Most customers are just browsing and they may not really want to shop online but with the right incentive, you can convert a browser into a buyer. The entire purpose of your site is for selling products online, so why not offer deals and discounts that pop up all through the website to entice browsers to buy. This can be in the form of banner ads, scrolling ads, pop-ups, deals and freebies that sway the shopper into buying the displayed products. Most of the time, freebies, discounts and coupons are the best way to get browsing customers to buy products.

Offer multiple payment options

Shopping online means using electronic payment options. Now customers prefer to use credit cards but alternative payment methods should also be offered. For example, Bitcoins are popular with users and your website should offer this mode of payment as well. Some websites offer cash on delivery, and flexi-pay or buy now, pay later deals that are great for ensuring spot sales. Check with your eCommerce or payment gateway to provide as many alternate payment methods as possible.

Ask for customer reviews

Yahoo states that happy customers are usually glad to leave a review and this encourages new customers to shop. All you have to do is pop an email over to the customer and offer them a free coupon or promo deal to write a few lines. However, all-positive reviews all the time are not normal. Negative reviews should not be removed or deleted but makes sure you take proactive steps to deal with the negative reviews and demonstrate these steps to readers. Getting new customers to leave reviews may also be tough but you can encourage customers to do so by holding competitions like Best Review of the Month and awarding the winner with a simple prize to get unbiased reviews.

Monitor what customers are searching for

Customers come to your site through Google or search engines looking for something in particular. Make sure you monitor these searches and display these categories prominently on the first page if the demand for this product increases. For example, clothing websites will note that the demand for lace dresses increased when reality starlet Kim Kardashian started wearing them. Building a separate category of lace dresses on their website will provide customers exactly what they are looking for and ensure a sale as well.

Use photos and videos

The internet is a visual medium and most customers prefer to see images and video rather than read content. Use beautiful high-resolution images and high-quality videos to provide an accurate idea of what the product will look like and what it will do. Believe me, sales usually double if the videos are linked and presented with the product.

The site Johnchow states that engaging your customers is the best way to increase sales. If done correctly, you can convert browsing customers into buying customers. At the same time, this will also lead to repeat business and secondary business as these same customers will tell friends and family about your products and website.  The entire process does require a little hard work and effort but in the long run, it will mean a better website, improved business and wonderful experience for the customer.

Naveed Ahmed working as a freelance content writer for more than 5 years. He take pride in his work and he will do the best to provide the high quality and fresh contents.

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