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25 Amazing Low-Poly Portrait Illustrations for Inspiration


Low poly is the hottest trend these days and everyone talking about 3D model style illustrations. What is Low-poly? Its a polygon mesh of a small number of polygons. Here we have some of the best examples of the low-poly portrait illustrations for inspiration. As a designer, I’m big fan of this amazing art.

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Low Poly Illustrations

Here is the list of creative, amazing Low poly Portrait Illustrations created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustrator!

Low Poly Portraits by Breno Bitencourt

Breno Bitencourt, graphic designer from Brazil specialised at logodesign, as well as corporate identity that works with clients globally.

Discover – Breno Bitencourt

Low Poly Illustration by Mordi Levi

Mordi Levi, A Graphic designer and Illustrator from Israel. Sharing with you my Creations and Work process, I hope You will enjoy my work.

Discover – Mordi Levi

Low-Poly Avengers by William Teal

William Teal, professional graphic designer and digital photography from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

Discover – William Teal

Low-Poly Art by Gled Abenojar

Gled Abenojar, creative graphic designer who enjoys producing strong and high quality designs. Currently specialize in brand identity and print designs.

Discover – Gled Abenojar

Low-Poly Digital Art by Ignacio Ribot

Ignacio Ribot, creative digital art director and web designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Discover – Ignacio Ribot

Low-Poly Politicos Portraits by Martin Samuelson

Martin Samuelson, creative visualist, art director, designer and illustrator working away in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently freelancing art director and designer.

Discover – Martin Samuelson

Low-Poly Illustration Poster by Alexander R. Sean Oreshonok

Alexander R. Sean Oreshonok, digital illustrator designers from Tomsk, Russian Federation.

Discover – Alexander R. Sean Oreshonok

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