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Stream Unlimited Stock Photos from YAY Images


Stock agencies really come in handy when you need to find good-looking images to use in your designs, online, or otherwise. They’re legal, inexpensive, well within your reach, and once acquired can be used commercially for as many times as you wish (royalty-free images). So, where do you get yours from? Do you have some favorite stock photo agencies? If you do, I really think that YAYImages ought to be in your top three.

YAY emerged this year, but it brought something brand new on the market: a super convenient streaming subscription. As far as I can tell, this is the only site to let you have as many web-sized photos as you like, for $9.90/month. Those images of 0.4 megapixels and 700 pixels wide can be used on sales pages, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, etc.

And the best part is that you can easily edit them on-site, without having to resort to Photoshop over and over again. What’s more, when you’re through modifying your photos, YAY Images offers to host them in your stead (for ever and ever, even if you cancel your subscription, or after it has expired), and gives you a code to paste – which means you no longer waste time downloading, editing, and then uploading. You do realize how awesome that is?

Besides, it’s so uncomplicated to find the perfect images for any occasion. If I start a keyword search for colorful items, the next page greets me with countless results, and savvy filters. My favorite option is the similar images search: I need only drag-and-drop an image from my drive/YAY Images’ search results/another website, and voila – all its visual equivalents are summoned from the database.

The other two subscriptions besides Streaming are Digital ($49.90) and Print ($99.90). While the first supplies you with 1500PX-images that are ideal for apps, e-books, or PowerPoint presentations, the other one covers high-resolution, 3000PX images for ad agencies, newspapers, and whatnot. Rest assured knowing that you are free to cancel any subscription whenever you feel like.

You will be required to connect your credit card before you start to Stream, but they don’t charge you anything for the first month. Do you know why? Well, this is your lucky day, because we have an exclusive offer from YAY Images! Take your pick between a free month of Streaming, 20% off the Digital Image Subscription, or 10% off the Print Subscription, and use coupon code FREE_TRIAL_GRAPHICDESIGNJUNCTION.

Meanwhile, here are a few glorious samples of beautiful stock photos from YAY Images:











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