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Why Designing a Website is a Never-endless Process

Online presence has becoming more and more vital part of business, art, public activities and every aspect of human life. It is a common thing to have a website these days, but is it actually possible to design a website once and never come back to this issue?

The answer is ‘yes’ just if you admit that you don’t care about the future of your site, i.e. how it will be perceived by users in a couple of years.

The answer is ‘no’ for those, who consider website to be a powerful tool in engaging more audience to what they do and for people, who think about website as a progressive solution that requires updating and perfection. So far as, a well-done website can increase your profits, help you to gain popularity and do your marketing strategy effectively.

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That is why, once you start building a website, you sing for a life-time design journey. I don’t mean that you will never launch your site, you will. Still, there are many reasons for you not to stop and continue working on it day after day, year after year.

1. Fashion is Changeable

Fashion is the first thing why your website will never be completed.

Let’s come back 5 years ago: carousel galleries enjoyed wide popularity at that time. These were the most used photo galleries all over the web, but what do you think about them now? Would you design your site with a wide use of carousels? Maybe one slider will take place on your site, but that’s not a must-have detail. In 2009 there were more trends to follow, like wood textured background, big typography, the magazine style design.

The next year changed everything totally and retro design came on the stage. While this style is more rarity than a common thing, another 2010 trend is quite in use today as well: minimalism.

Internet Services Website with Retro Design
This is a modern variation on how to use retro style design on the Web. This website looks trendy because it combines retro design with flat style and adds infinite scrolling.

Publihsing Brand Website Done in Minimal Style
This is a minimal web design with plain colors and neat images.

Oversized Header and Footer were must-have design elements 4 years ago, but now it is just an option you may embed on your site or not.

The year 2011 was prominent for geometry expressed in use of circles, ribbons and grid layouts. Grids continued to be in trend in 2012 too. Besides, large background image was another trend to adopt that year. Parallax scrolling dates back to 2012, yet it is a called-for element this year.

Remember we have mentioned circles? That was in 2011, and in 2013 they became cool again. Metro style was an innovation of 2013, and I know many designs based on the trend till nowadays.

Finally, what are 2014 must-use design techniques? Blurred images on the background are very stylish, plus video-based designs are the hottest ones this year.

Website Design with a Blurred Image Background

Here you may observe how blurred image effect brings a sense of style to the entire theme.

Fashion Website with Large Header Video
This one is a prominent example of video use in website design.

This quick tour to the past is a good evidence of that your website won’t be stunning, if you designed it 5 years ago and have changed nothing since that time. You don’t have to follow all the trends blindly, it would be even stupid to do so, but a few new features to redesign are always good. It is the way to make website look fresh, stylish and up-to-date.

2. New Ideas Born New Designs

This point is quite different from the previous one, because here your creativity matters but not the trends that someone dictates you. Isn’t it a regular thing to come up with new ideas every time you see something inspiring? The world around us is an endless resource for inspiration, isn’t it? We should admit that one day you can draw a picture in your mind that you wish to realize via your website. What then? You won’t do it because your website seems to be finished, or?

3. Reorder of Priorities

This is more the business issue. You should never stick to the same things, because they work well; risk and novelty is what influences on any business a lot. That is why, if you change the direction of your work (like for example you were a photographer, but now you want to try yourself as a web developer; or your company worked with one particular audience, but now you are looking for absolutely another kind of clientele to collaborate with), you will definitely have to change your website design.

4. There is Nothing Perfect

A long circle of editing a website can touch many of you. Today you can found a misprint, tomorrow you may notice that something is not working, or you just want to speed up your site and compress images for that reason. When you have launched a website, you can relax but just for a minute. The improvement of your design may take a long time, be patient!

5. Users Like Fresh Sites with Frequent Updates

The frequency of your website upgrading influences directly on the amount of visitors you have and whether they are pleased with your site or not. You can change the layout fulfillment, i.e. the content as often as you have news for your clientele. If you give a discount for the new apparel collection in your fashion store, write about it and add a photo gallery on your webpage. If you are a photographer, you need to work on your portfolio on a constant base, because who wants to view your outdated gallery with old photographs? If you have a seasonal menu in your restaurant, illustrate it on a separate page of your site, and don’t forget to change it when the season comes over!

There are many things to make you redesign your website, so don’t shelve your project, take care of it!

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