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How a Good Graphic Designer Can Go a Long Way in Helping You Re-Brand

Generally the need for a graphic designer arises when you want to create a brand value for your organization. The need for identity in the form of a logo, the catchy tag lines, the images that represent your organization and the need to combine it all together aesthetically and in a way that people are attracted enough to remember it are all part of the branding of an organization. Branding is all about creating a corporate identity and in building up the brand value is essentially best done by a graphic designer who is adept in creating images keeping the color schemes, and the artistic value of the image that represents the brand as well as the organizations. . When creating a new identity, it should be done in such a way that the customer is able to recollect and recognize the new identity and relate it to the previous one. Therefore a graphic designer engaged to create an identity should do so keeping the customer’s previous acceptance in mind.

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Why does an organization need to re-brand?


There are many reasons why an organization might need to consider re-branding of their identity. Sometimes it might be necessary to recreate the identity due to various reasons, some of which might include the decisions of the managements to merge with other companies, the introductions of new products or services or as is seen in most cases to prop up the brand value of an organization which might have had a slump in business. A very significant reason for re-branding is when there is a change in managements or leadership and along with the change; new ideas and concepts are brought into the business. Re-branding usually reflects these new concepts and ideas.  In most cases, the re-branding process might include a sensible move which may not be too elaborate but will surely make a defining change in the brand and the organization it represents. It is basically to bring about this change in perception, especially in the customer that such re-branding processes are considered.

Role of a Graphic Designer in Re-branding

Role of a Graphic Designer in Re-branding

The role of  graphic designers is significantly important as they should be able to recreate all the values that the organization stands for, its products and services and what it offers through the logo design, its name, its tag lines and other special effects that actually reflect the brand. So it is only natural that the value of the organization is reflected positively by the customers who view it and interpret it favorably. The Graphic designer should take care to ensure that :

  • The re-branding of an organization should not mean doing away completely with the old nor does it mean retention of the old.
  • Loyal customers’ would want to recognize the brand they buy and would also want others to recognize the logo they possess, so a complete change in the re-branding might have a negative impact on the customers. So maintaining a balance between the old and the new is what an ideal situation.
  • The graphic designer should be able to create a brand value which the customers can recall easily without much effort. At the sight of the logo or the tag line they should be able to relate to the brand.
  • The graphic designer should be able to assess the reason why the previous images of the brand were so successful and take that out of the old and include it in the new design so that the customer is able to recall and relate. It could be even the colors or the style of writing the name or the tag line that had caught the fancy of the customer.


Re-branding helps to recreate a business value and having talented and efficient graphic designers makes all the difference to its effectiveness. After all, it is the brand that builds the business!

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