150+ Free High-Res Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds

150+ Free High-Res Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds
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I hope you will enjoy my last two articles (low-poly tutorials and low-poly portrait illustrations) which was almost cover the latest and hottest trends in web and graphic design industry.

Today we’re rounded up beautiful collection of high quality Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds design for website background. Best of all, they are all free to use. What are you waiting for? Use them in your web or graphic design and give a whole new feeling to your visitors.

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High-Quality Polygonal Backgrounds and Textures

Here we are just gathered some useful high quality Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds and Textures, all of these backgrounds are great to use when making wallpapers, website backgrounds or flyers and posters.  They are free to use for both personal and commercial projects. Enjoy!

HD Polygon Backgrounds (7 items)


Unique Low-poly / Polygon Backgrounds (50 items)


Geometric Backgrounds (10 items)


Geometric Polygon Backgrounds (20 items)


Polygonal / Low Poly Background Textures (20 items)


Colorful Polygon Backgrounds (25 Items)


Polygon Backgrounds (12 items)


Polygon Abstract Backgrounds (7 items)


Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture (5 items)


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Comments to 150+ Free High-Res Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds

Eliyar Nov 21, 2014

Thanks a lot, those backgrounds are really cool

Alejandro Sanchez Apr 12, 2015

Thanks for this marvelous post, very useful backgrounds you got there!

I’m trying to renew my website right now and i’m definitely using one of this backgrounds in my site! one thing though, i read on your bio that you’re a UI designer so could you give me some advice on fonts that match this kinds of backgrounds? (for headings, content and body) i’m using google fonts only right now, do you have one on your mind you’d recommend for this kind of style?

Muhammad Faisal Apr 12, 2015

Hi @Alejandro,

Thanks for the appreciation. My recommendation “Bebas Kai” and “PROMESH“.

You can also find lots of highest quality free font for your Websites.
Follow the link: http://graphicdesignjunction.com/category/fonts/


Sifat Apr 24, 2015

Awesome! Loving them!

Andrea May 7, 2015

Hi, the backgrounds are fantastic, i want to know if is possible to have the vector file of Geometric Polygon Backgrounds (20 items).
Thank you

Jean Mar 10, 2016

Superb! Thanks a lot!

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