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How Offline Marketing Can Still Compete in the World of Online Advertising

It is an accepted fact that advertising is an integral aspect of any business, big, medium or small. It is the procedure in which the marketing strategy has been implemented that determines the effectiveness of the strategy and the success of the advertising campaign.  Today though it is more common to find people adopting the online mode of advertising which is definitely easier and cost effective, there is a view that no advertising campaign can be successful without adopting the offline methods.  Marketing experts are of the opinion that both cannot exist without the other and that one is complemented by the other. Therefore, the sense of competition is absent and it is more a case of interdependency.

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Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

In comparison, online marketing is far cheaper than offline marketing as the platforms on which the advertising is done is free though there are a few that charge a nominal fee.  In the case of offline marketing, the materials, manpower and the space on which the advertising are all expensive factors for which a really big part of the budget needs to be set aside. Though most experts of marketing agree that at least 7.5% of the budget needs to be kept aside for marketing and advertising costs for an effective marketing strategy, there can be an increase in the savings by opting for online marketing procedures.

Widespread Reach

Widespread Reach World Wide Web

Since the World Wide Web has no boundaries, the concept of one world is best exemplified by the internet and using it as a mode of advertising is one of the best methods to ensure that the reach is far and wide. Today, approximately 75% of the world are digitalized and hence has access to the internet. But, the advocates of the offline traditional methods of advertising opine that the rest 25% do not have access to the advertisement. But the implementation of the offline methods are sure to attract the local community who are the actual customers for the product or service and this form of offline advertising attracts nearly 100% of the local customers which is more beneficial than a global reach especially for small or medium sized enterprises.

The different methods of advertising online and offline also make a difference to the list of the customer database. In the case of offline advertising, the methods include:

  • TV advertising,
  • Printed Banners & Posters
  • Newspaper & Magazines Advertising
  • Flyers, pamphlets and notices

Some of the methods of online marketing include

Online Marketing Methods

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating a website or a blog
  • Use of search engine pages
  • PPC/ Link Building and Google AdSense
  • Advertising on YouTube

Integration of the Two Forms of Advertising

Online Offline Marketing

According to marketing experts a subtle integration of both online and offline forms is the best and the most effective form for the complete success of an advertising campaign. Though it is always the local customers that make the larger population of the clientele, there is an even larger scope for business when you have an impressive web presence. Therefore, to achieve this perfect combination for the success of the business, an online advertising should be complemented by the offline campaigns. In fact, both are equally beneficial to each other and together produce results.

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