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8 Incredibly Resourceful Tools for Designers and Developers to Take Notice of


Innovation is the hallmark of designers and so is the expertise at the latest tools and techniques that keep making their way to the market with an amazing consistency. The creative juices need an instrument to leap into the sky and turn into a piece of work with bonafide immensity.

Now, as a designer, or a developer you might as well been using an ensemble of tools already to give your designs a velvet touch. But technology keeps tossing at us new-fangled tools by the hour that need to be explored for their efficacy. So, here are some more diversified resources that you may or may not have worked with just as yet.

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If you have been contemplating creating ebooks from quite a while but are scrambling for ways to do so, then Liberio is just the thing you need. This tool does a remarkable job of converting your Google Docs into the ePubs format. And certain ebooks stores like Kindle accept this format and publish it as an ebook to your great delight. What’s more? It even provisions you to market your ebook across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more.

CSS Vocabulary

For novices in the field of design and development, the CSS rules are still a mystery – at least some of the rules are. The CSS terminology can be perplexing, to say the least. You need to be utmost sure about them as a designer or your designs might just go kaput and take a road you never intended them to take. This is where you can reliably rely on the CSS Vocabulary which charts out all the rules comprehensively and explains to you what they mean in a way most lucid and interactive.

CSS Shrink

If you have been facing flak for repeating yourself or for not being too original, CSS Shrink is gonna help you out. In its most basic form, it is a node module that does the job of combining the duplicate style rules and transforming them into a single rule. Thus, you avoid repetitiveness with your stylesheets and because they are less bulkier, the web pages are lighter and are loaded with increased responsiveness and speed.


The search for password management tools is never ending. Even if you realize you have just got hold of the next best thing out there to manage your passwords, another realization soon dawns upon you that even though it works like a fluid on your Windows desktop, it is not compatible with iOS or Android. And this is where Enpass makes a serious boast. A highly secure tool to store your password and other confidential information, Enpass works with all – OS X, iOS, Android, Windows and more.


The Photoshop users are often looking for tools to enhance their photo editing exercise and Blending Mode is a term that resonates with that most of them. It is a priceless technique by which they can mix two distinct layers but it had been missing in CSS3. However, thanks to the CSS3 Gradients, you are not going to miss the mode anymore.


Diversified icons has been finding favor with a lot of webmasters lately. And Octicons is for those who know the kind of positive impact flavorful icons can bring to their website. You only have to use the CSS3 Fonte Face to embed the Octicon in your site. This tool has in excess of 200 icons added to it and designer community is likely to contribute with even greater number of icons.

Side Comments

Comments are much sought after in any website. And side comments just add to the interactiveness of the whole set up. Sidecomment.js is what can be used to add the feature of posting side comments. What it essentially does is that the readers see a plus sign at the end of every paragraph in a post. Clicking that sign lets them comment their views on particular paragraphs. This is especially useful when the commenter only wants to share his/her view on a particular snippet of text in a post and doesn’t deem it appropriate to add the comment at the end of the post.


Well, social media has indeed brought the likeminded individuals together. The coders of the world have found solace in the truckload of online communities out there on the web. But for a more social media-like experience, CoderWall is most perfect. On this platform, the developers can share their knowledge and provide some tips to the fellow developers while taking some suggestions and reading tutorials uploaded by other coders. If you wish to expand your horizon as a developer, CoderWall is the most ideal place for you.

With so much to choose from, the development and designing professionals should find their way around the web realm with a greater degree of clarity. Creative control, meanwhile, is further elevated.

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