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Responsive Websites Design – 26 Fresh Examples

Responsive web design can give a perfect user experience on all devices. Responsive websites using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques with the latest coding standards.

Responsive design is making the web design more powerful, interactive and beautiful. Responsive websites design have many features that allow developers and designers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed, performance, and create website that fits well in all devices.

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Creative Websites with Responsive Design

Let’s take a quick look at some new trend of web design to keep in mind when designing your next site. Enjoy the list of twenty six inspiring web design examples.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Dutch National Opera & Ballet is a new brand for two world class cultural institutes. The website combines very clean design with rich interaction and stunning film & photography to deliver.

Responsive Websites Design - 1

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Push. Agency

We Push brands to reach their full potential.

Responsive Websites Design - 2

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XO Festival

Festival website for Hollands biggest dance promotor.

Responsive Websites Design - 3

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Orangina European Site

Orangina is building on its quirky brand with a new responsive website. Keeping content to a bare minimum, yet providing visitors with information on Orangina in a playful way.

Responsive Websites Design - 4

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New responsive website for watchmaker brand Corum. Corum offers high-quality watch collections featuring an innovative and distinctive design, and equipped with sophisticated mechanical movements.

Responsive Websites Design - 5

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Spirit Executive UK

Re-design of the Spirit Executive (UK) website to include a responsive design and to move the site from Perch CMS to WordPress.

Responsive Websites Design - 6

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SOFTGAMES is operating the leading HTML5 games publishing and engagement platform, where high quality games meet millions of highly engaged users globally.

Responsive Websites Design - 7

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Ben David Sandhu

Portfolio of Designer Ben David Sandhu.

Responsive Websites Design - 8

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Outdated Browser

A time saving tool for developers. Integrated on your website, detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version.

Responsive Websites Design - 9

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Studio 3

In 2008, Marc Kremers, Thomas Eberwein, Damien Poulain and Tara Darby took on disused shoe factory in the then still obscure Print House in Dalston Junction. 6 years on, we thought we should.

Responsive Websites Design - 10

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Glorias Latin Cuisine

Gloria’s is more than just a restaurant. It’s an overall Latin experience with handcrafted food and beverage so full of flavor it reduces the diner to a state of bliss.

Responsive Websites Design - 11

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At Readymag we help people to produce digital storytelling through innovative products, encourage self-publishing and good design.

Responsive Websites Design - 12

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Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight, the epic conclusion of the game franchise, deserved an equally epic website; so Five & Done created a fully-immersive experience allowing fans to Be the Batman

Responsive Websites Design - 13

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UNE is a communication agency specialised in creation and reputation based in Geneva.

Responsive Websites Design - 14

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Google for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, you build the future, grow your economies, and launch the next generation of innovative companies. We’re here to help you thrive.

Responsive Websites Design - 15

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Prosper Cartoon Studio

We make our contributions to art, marketing and solution of social problems

Responsive Websites Design - 16

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You all shall be wild. This is what Aristotles said. Okay, we made that up. Why would Aristoteles say that? Anyway, he might have better done it because we think it is damn wise. Everyone has a right to be wild. And that is why we have founded this agency. We are four handsome dudes, trying to make awesome things happen and fight against ugliness. Now we’ve written enough words to make the paragraph look good. Alright, just some more so we have 4 rows. Yes, just like that. Nice.

Responsive Websites Design - 17

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Ray’s Restaurants

Founded in 1984 by renowned restaurant industry veteran Ray Schoenbaum, Marietta-based Ray’s Restaurants, LLC, is comprised of Ray’s on the River, Ray’s in the City and Ray’s at Killer Creek.

Responsive Websites Design - 18

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Vintage Productions

MARCOM FOR LEADERS – Creativity is a verb. Creativity is not a romantic concept. It is the result of hard work. And that is what our creatives do: work to optimise your communications.

Responsive Websites Design - 19

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Maja & the Jacks

A newcomer band that makes warm acoustic pop mixed with soul, blues and jazz.

Responsive Websites Design - 20

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HSP Direct

HSP Direct – An award-winning, direct mail, fundraising agency

Responsive Websites Design - 21

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Archi Graphi

Archi Graphi is a french creative agency specialised in creating visuals for architectural projects.

Responsive Websites Design - 22

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Admir Hadzic Portfolio

Hi, I’m Admir Hadzic, a 27 year old UX Designer / Developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Let me introduce myself!

Responsive Websites Design - 23

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zeros+ones, is a Munich based digital agency focused on design and technical development with over 20 years of experience.

Responsive Websites Design - 24

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The Wam Bam Club

The Wam Bam Club is a leading burlesque supper club based in The Bloomsbury Ballroom, a historic 1920’s Art Deco Venue in the heart of London. The name ‘Wam Bam’ comes from the energetic.

Responsive Websites Design - 25

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Motion Poster Creator

The Motion Poster Creator features FaceGen technology allowing users to become a part of the Edge of Tomorrow experience as they integrate their face onto a custom motion poster.

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