is Giving Away a Free Copy of X is Giving Away a Free Copy of X
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Everyone knows that the X Theme is somewhat magical. A staggering number of creative professionals turn to this theme repeatedly, whenever they have to build WordPress websites for their clients. Part of what makes X so special is the array of complete designs named Stacks, and some very useful features.

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Feature-Rich are going to develop more Stacks as time goes by, but the four existing ones are more than wonderful in themselves. Each provides a unique onset for certain types of projects. For instance, Ethos is the most recent addition, and it’s great for making news, magazine or photography websites because it creates a visually engaging experience through and through.

Furthermore, version 2.5.1 of X has just been released, and it has perfect integration with BuddyPress and bbPress. Besides, all future updates are guaranteed to be instantly applied for valid users. In addition, you’re bound to appreciate the live previewer, and prepare to be amazed by lovely new shortcodes.

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I’m marking “other” as the reason for my rating, simply because there are too many reasons for 5 stars to pick just one. This theme is perfect for web developers who want to be able to create a variety of sleek, functional sites, and forget about other WP themes for a while. The documentation is great and the knowledge base so useful and complex, that it awes you. You can learn about a great deal of online marketing and development topics from it, that span beyond the theme. The support is stellar, and commonly willing to write pieces of custom code for you. The shortcodes are amazing, and combined with the drag & drop builder, they are super quick to use and edit, while still keeping the real WP building experience. Enjoy!


How to win

Claim a copy of the popular X Theme as your own! Go to Rafflecopter, log in, and read the contest instructions. You will most likely be asked to follow on Twitter, or like their official page on Facebook.

In no more than a week, the winner will be decided. Good luck! In case you want to buy X as soon as possible.

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