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Best Illustrated Websites 2014: 30 Inspirational Examples

Web designers widely used illustration in web design, create Conceptual Portrait, 3D Modeling, Vector Graphics, Clutch Fashion Illustration and many other useful objects and effects which can enhance and improve the quality of your web design. Using of illustration, it’s not a traditional style of web designing, but  It can capture the viewer’s attention and really immerse them in the website design.

If you wanna learn how to create realistic vector graphics drawing in Illustrator. You may check out New Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.

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Illustration in Web Design

Beautiful examples of illustrated elements in web design. Flat, Minimal and Illustrated websites are really amazing in fact, illustration in web design is an excellent way convey your messages to the visitors. Here is some great examples for your inspiration.

Gemini (Audience Entertainment)

Gemini is a story based interactive experience built by Uber Digital, showcasing iD technology powering interaction on the big screen.

Illustrated Websites - 01

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Copag – Endless Fun

Copag is the largest playing cards producer in Brazil. Its new site presents the company’s over a hundred years history and everything about card games.

Illustrated Websites - 02

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Creativity 101

What is creativity? a parallax page with CSS animation – featuring retro style illustrations – a summary of 9 chapters that define creativity, taken from the free ebook – ‘What is Creativity?

Illustrated Websites - 1

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Colin & Dewi’s Wedding

A site we made for our wedding guests in anticipation of the big day. The RSVP process was automated and included a confimation and thank you note.

Illustrated Websites - 2

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Piece Unique – A Unique Piece

Illustrated Websites - 3

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Prince AV

Prince AV is Dubai’s premier event management and audio/visual rentals company.

Illustrated Websites - 4

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Live To Change The World

Live To Change The World is a showcase of UnLtd’s work with young people, as well as a demonstration of how social entrepreneurship can unleash the potential of young people and help change..

Illustrated Websites - 5

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Volkshotel, a new hotel and entertainment establishment located in east Amsterdam.

Illustrated Websites - 6

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Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil The new site of the Garden is in the air!

Illustrated Websites - 7

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El Segundo, USA Eat.Sleep.Work. is a Creative Agency that believes that a strong process leads to successful projects.

Illustrated Websites - 8

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Click’s Power

In honor of those who just need a click a CLICK’S POWER. Because we believe in people and the decisions they take.

Illustrated Websites - 9

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PopArt Studio agency

PopArt Studio is interactive digital agency with complete service whose highest value are people that work in it.

Illustrated Websites - 10

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Illustrated Websites - 11

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Alster Cloud

Alster Cloud are developers and designers who defy gravity of the status quo, we take risks, we push boundaries.

Illustrated Websites - 12

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Just Design

Illustrated Websites - 13

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Time Warner Cable WiFi-Denti-Fier

Illustrated Websites - 14

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Illustrated Websites - 15

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Illustrated Websites - 16

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Nikolay Gogol’s house

Unique project within the history of Russian culture and literature dedicated to the works of Nikolai Gogol.

Illustrated Websites - 17

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Navigate through space with subtle animations and nice illustration, with our new xo7 website, retina-ready & responsive!

Illustrated Websites - 18

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Lotto infography

Illustrated Websites - 19

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Sagres Beer Factory

Does it taste as good as it looks? You be the judge. Take the Sagres Beer Factory virtual tour.

Illustrated Websites - 20

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The clock is ticking

An interactive infographic: From the sundial to the atomic clock.

Illustrated Websites - 21

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Prime Burger

Prime Burger is a small farmstead dedicated to selling best Wagyu-Burgers directly from the farm.

Illustrated Websites - 22

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Redtangle Ltd

Portfolio site for Redtangle Ltd – we make websites, Facebook apps, e-learning suites and much more!

Illustrated Websites - 23

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Ever heard about URL Shorteners? URLITERATU.RE is exactly the opposite: we lengthen the URL’s people share.

Illustrated Websites - 24

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PlanetSide 2

A cinematic scope of the game is achieved by several differently scaled scenes ranging from a close-up to a long shot view

Illustrated Websites - 25

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Marketing BS Detector

Take the stink off of your marketing jargon with our HTML5 web app: The Marketing BS Detector

Illustrated Websites - 26

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Craftsmen is a digital agency that designs and builds web and mobile applications. The site uses pixel based illustrations

Illustrated Websites - 27

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