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10 Quick Tips for Re-Designing Your Website as Per 2015 Trends

The world is moving at a rapid pace and so is the technological world. If you are a business owner who has built a nice website for the user and you think that’s all then you are wrong. You should know that clients expect you to have a user friendly website that’s loaded with all the cool features. Remember, the happier the customer is, the less would be the probability that he would switch to your competitor.

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But if you don’t wish to spend a lot of money in this regard and wish to do it yourself then here are some quick tips that can help you:

1. Improve content:

Improve content of your webiste

First and foremost, you should use simple yet meaningful content to your website. You are free to use flowery words but don’t overdo it. Otherwise the user may feel that the content is too complicated for his understanding and simply move on.

2. Make it SEO friendly:

Make it SEO friendly

You should add in appropriate SEO friendly keywords in the website content. You should limit the keyword usage to an optimum level to avoid keyword stuffing. You should also focus on imparting the keywords in such a manner that it doesn’t look out of place.

3. Add in an Attractive Logo:

Add in an Attractive Logo

Adding in an attractive logo on top of every page of your website should be your next step. This way the new and prospective customers would have ease in remembering your brand. The logo should be appropriately sized and should not be too dull or too bright.

4. Meaningful tagline:

Tagline for website

You should also try to build or enhance your brand image by adding a catchy tagline to your website. This way the users would be able to recollect your brand whenever they see that tagline in their daily lives.

5. Easy navigation:

make the navigation on your website an easy process

It is the most important aspect of redesigning a website. You should try to make the navigation on your website an easy process. You should make use of little arrows to point out to important things. This way even a new internet user would be able to understand the whole navigation part with ease.

6. Reduce Page load time:

Reduce Page load time

Though you may want to add in a lot of stuff like images, videos, etc. to make your website look attractive, but you should never overdo it. The loading time of all the pages of your website should be only a few seconds; otherwise the user may get irritated or frustrated and move on to other websites.

7. Add a blog:


It would be cool to add in a meaningful blog that is constantly updated so that your clients can get attracted to the website. You should also try to give free advice on the blog so that the user can feel it’s useful for him or her.

8. Use RSS tools:

RSS tools like RSS feed

You should make the most of the RSS tools like RSS feed to get more traffic onto your website. This is a sure shot way of ensuring that a user keeps coming back to your website in a short period of time.

9. Make the website interactive:

Make the website interactive

Most people try to make their website more interactive by adding in a chat support. It is a good option and should be tried out by you. You can also start weekly contests on your website to keep the users engaged with your brand.

10. Measure its performance:

measure the performance of the website

Last but certainly not the least; you should measure the performance of the website at regular intervals. You can do so by keeping track of the website traffic as well as the conversion rate. This way if you are going wrong, you’ll be able to detect it and change your methodologies.

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