29 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration #34

29 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration #34
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Fresh collection of business logo designs from 2015 for inspiration. I hope you will enjoy the concept and ideas of these creative logos. All logo design are only available for inspiration. Corporate identity or Branding is all about creating a logo design and in building up the brand value is essentially best done by a graphic designer who is adept in creating images keeping the color schemes, and the artistic value of the image that represents the brand as well as the organizations. When designing a new logo, it should be done in such a way that the customer is able to recollect and recognize the logo design.

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Inspiring Logos from 2015

Today’s we are gathered thirty seven new logo designs created by professional designers from all over the web. You may also check the full list of logo design series.

Enjoy the fresh list of Creative Business Logo Designs for Inspiration #34.

Motion Trade by Bratus

Premium Minds Brand identity

Swim Cool Logo Design

Design to inspire

Candence Branding

Phoenix Tour Logotype

Bluefish Projects

Elephant Studio

Vorstellen by Kevin Burr

Fawks by Brenms

Crayne Locksmiths

Pier 53 Marine by Gabriel Schut

Artscapes Logo Concept by Caitlin Cadieux

AutoMax logo – car parts by Dawid Pietrasiak

Hammers ?aziska Górne – American Football Team Logo by Tomasz Loska

Pendant Logo by Benjamin Hughes

Logo for Bottle Rocket by Kevin Kurtovich

Ekho Logo by Brennan Frugé

Canvas Co Logo by Sruly

Level Lense Logo by Kyle Earl

ProxyHR logo option by Bob Cassella

Royal Club by Michele Greco

Copper88 Logo Concepts by Nick Bujnak

Huskey Design logo by Justin Huskey

Cook King Logo by Taras Boychik

Binary Cat Logo Concept by Max Lapteff

Airplane logo concept by Karpov

Fork by NY Mammoth

Ekans – Pokemon Branding by Sebastiaan de With

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Tawanda May 12, 2015

Amazing Logos, Thanks for sharing

sakil Aug 4, 2015

Awesome web site. I really like all of logo design Thanks

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