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Welcome To The Responsive Web Design Revolution, Code Free!


Web design can be a challenging and frustrating process. You are hired to design a website for a client, only to realize that the majority of the budget for that project (as much as 70 per cent) will have to go to a developer, who will take your carefully crafted designs and hand-code the web pages for this new website. Not only does this process take the bulk of the budget away from you, it also takes the majority of the control away from you, if you want to focus on design and not on code!

Often, important visual aspects of your design are lost in the translation from designer to developer, and the timeline needed to execute this process can cause the client to grow frustrated when they have to wait for the coded site to be ready. There has to be a better way for designers to create and manage websites! Thanks to the Webydo Web Design Suite, now there is.

What Webydo Is… And What It Is Not

Webydo is a code-free web design canvas, made for designers. Even more so, it‘s a professional website design platform that empowers graphic and web designers to create and manage pixel-perfect responsive websites for their clients, without writing code.

Webydo uses an intuitive design interface that will be immediately familiar to design professionals who have used programs like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. One of the big differences between a program like Photoshop and Webydo, however, is that if you design a website in Photoshop, you still need someone who understands website code to bring that design into the web browser. With Webydo, you are already in the browser designing your page. Once you are done, Webydo will create those pages for you with W3C validated, standards-compliant, production ready code!

Now, you may think that Webydo is similar to many of the ‘do it yourself’ web design systems available today, but you’d be wrong! Those template-drive website products are aimed at end customers who are looking to spend little to nothing to have a website. These are not customers who are looking to hire a professional designer like you. They want to choose a template, slap their logo on it, add their content, and be off and running. Those products are for the bottom-of-the-barrel customers that you don’t want to work with anyway.

By comparison, Webydo allows you to fully realize your design skills. You are not limited to pre-set templates only – you can start with a blank canvas and create just like you would in any other design-centric program. With Webydo, however, once you are done with the design, you will have your fully developed website, keeping the budget that would normally go to a developer for yourself and reducing the overall timeline of the project in order to WOW your clients with their new website!

Webydo contains a wide range of features that appeal to not just your creative side, but to the practical business side as well. The revolutionary code-free Parallax Scrolling Animator and the ability to make your websites pixel-perfect responsive for all devices and resolutions will allow you to truly explore your creativity. In addition, the ability to bill your clients directly from your dashboard, the full white-label solution and a built in CMS, which allows your clients to independently add and edit text without compromising the design, will enable you to build your web design empire.

Getting Started Is Easy

Signing up with Webydo is quick and easy, just give your name, email address, and a password and you are into the editor and ready to begin working. You can start with an existing design for inspiration and edit that design as needed, you can begin with an existing layout template and work from there, or you can fire up a blank canvas and have total control right from the get-go.

Powerful Features – Pixel Perfect Responsive Canvas

Pixel Perfect Responsive Canvas
One of the exciting things about Webydo is the company’s attention to their designer community. That community helps vote on new features to be added to the system. One of the most exciting features that was added this way is the Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Editor.

Gone are the days of people coming to websites only using large screen, desktop monitors. If you are designing for the web, you need to be aware of the wide range of devices and screen sizes being used to access web content today. The preferred method for this multi-device support for websites today is an approach called ‘responsive web design’.

With responsive web design, you have one site to manage and maintain and that site will automatically reflow its layout for different screen sizes. This is great in theory, but from a visual design perspective, responsive design can be troublesome. Too often a design looks great at one size, but falls apart at other sizes. Even if the site ‘fits’ on those other sizes, the overall appearance is poor. With Webydo’s Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor, you have total control over the breakpoints that are used and how your design looks at those sizes – and like everything with Webydo, you get this without needing to handwrite any code!

Other important aspects of Webydo’s Pixel Perfect Responsive include:

  • Image Optimization – all images used are automatically optimized and different versions are deliver to appropriate devices
  • Total Design Flexibility – you can decide which elements to add, remove, or adjust for all different screen sizes
  • Unified Management – you can easily manage all of a site’s content from one place, preventing duplicate content that may negatively impact SEO rankings

Modern Features – Parallax Scrolling Animator

Parallax Scrolling
Another feature that Webydo has added based on community feedback is the Parallax Scrolling Animator. Parallax scrolling is a trend that is currently very popular on websites. It is an effect where the background and foreground move at different speeds, giving the impression of depth and movement. It is a wonderful tool to use in online storytelling or to help focus on a call-to-action for a site. Webydo makes it easy to add these powerful animation features to your website and, you guessed it, you do not need to write the code to do so!

Webydo’s parallax animator allows you to:

  • Create motion with an illusion of depth – on-page elements can move independently from each another as people scroll down the page
  • Define scrolling events and motion paths – you’ll have the ability to individually control imagery, setting motion paths and adjusting opacity, rotation, and speed

The Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor and the Parallax Scrolling Animator are two examples of powerful and modern web design features that have been seamlessly added to the Webydo Web Design Suite. This approach to continuous improvement is possibly the most exciting aspect of working with Webydo, because you know that the platform is great today and is only going to get better tomorrow!

Manage Your Business And Your Clients

Unlike those do-it-yourself, template-based products, Webydo was built to be a platform from which you can run your web design business. In addition to the design and development tools we’ve discussed so far, Webydo also includes business-focused features, including:

  • Built-in, robust CMS – Webydo includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use CMS (content management system) that you can train your clients on, empowering them to make CMS level website edits and content changes while you focus on more strategic or design related work for them
  • Client billing – you can manage your billing for clients directly from your Webydo account
  • White label options – your company can use and rebrand Webydo for all your client work

Try It Now!

Reading a review is great, but if you really want to experience the power of Weybdo, you need to try it for yourself. You can get more information and begin experimenting with Webydo at www.webydo.com.

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