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Flat UI Design Websites – 29 New Examples

Beautiful Flat UI Design website gallery and showcase of the best websites using the Flat Design Trend. We all know Flat design become the most popular and trendy in last couple of years, but it’s fading in 2015!

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Today we are gathered fresh websites with unique look following the latest flat-design style trend.

The Flat design refers to a style of interface design which removes any stylistic design choices that gives the three dimensional effect and hence is focused upon the minimal use of simple elements, flat colors and typography. The designers might refer this since it allows them to make the interface designs more streamlined and efficient. (via Flat Design Trend)

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Flat UI Web Designs

In this post we have gathered twenty nine fresh examples of Flat Design Websites for your inspiration. All the these flat websites are created by professional web designers and web design agencies from all over the web.


We are a small group of misfits hell-bent on making cool stuff. Perverte is a digital agency obsessed with innovation and creativity.

Flat UI Design Websites - 1

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Casimir established himself as a furniture designer. The new website is showcasing he’s latest work.

Flat UI Design Websites - 2

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BrightByte Studio is an independent design agency based in Southampton.

Flat UI Design Websites - 3

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Matthew Deal

The personal portfolio of Matthew Deal, a digital marketer from North Carolina.

Flat UI Design Websites - 4

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Hoarrd is a provider of high quality premium UI kits and other digital assets.

Flat UI Design Websites - 5

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La Maison Roger Vivier

La Maison Vivier”, a place full of life and creativity (like Roger Vivier’s apartment) expressed in a single page websi

Flat UI Design Websites - 6

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Durkan Group

A digital creative agency in the suburbs of Philly with a simple formula for success. Listen. Create. Elevate.

Flat UI Design Websites - 7

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Bloomberg Media

Designed by The Charles NYC, the aesthetic for bloombergmedia.com draws inspiration from the Bloomberg Terminal’s iconic low-fi color palette and typography, combined with a visually rich digital experience that highlights the immense range of content.

Flat UI Design Websites - 8

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HACHI-WARI is a Nakamura Corporation brand created with the concept of

Flat UI Design Websites - 9

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Hive allows you to shorten, share and track your shortened links with real-time link tracking.

Flat UI Design Websites - 10

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Monsieur Lacenaire

New shop for Monsieur Lacenaire, french fashion young shoot. Clean, minimal design. Fancy UX features.

Flat UI Design Websites - 11

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Johan Gunnarsson

Portfolio site for Interactive Art Director, Johan Gunnarsson, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Flat UI Design Websites - 12

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Grazingcat Jobs Application

we design, we develope, we grazingCAT!!!

Flat UI Design Websites - 13

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Leen Heyne Fine Jewelry

The official website of fine jewelry artist Leen Heyne.

Flat UI Design Websites - 14

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Neil Carpenter

Personal portfolio of Neil Carpenter, interactive / front end developer.

Flat UI Design Websites - 15

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Journey Around The World

As part of the campaign we’re doing for the Central Kladno shopping mall’s grand opening and the LEGO Wonder exhibition, we created an educational microsite featuring an interactive quiz.

Flat UI Design Websites - 16

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UX Designer Universe

Brand new portfolio!

Flat UI Design Websites - 17

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Bacchica Barbearia

Bacchica is a relatively simple website, your main focus are the stylized images of the barbershop. Responsive, was deve

Flat UI Design Websites - 18

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The Molamil Christmas Endorser

Drop your colleagues jaws with a new killer LinkedIn endorsement

Flat UI Design Websites - 19

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Poetweet turn tweets into poetry to promote creativity courses

Flat UI Design Websites - 20

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Hart Island Project

Hart Island is the largest cemetery in the world. No one is allowed to visit the island because prison labour is used to bury people. The website is a searchable archive where people can add stories about those buried.

Flat UI Design Websites - 21

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Secret Resolutions

Need a New Year’s Resolution you’ll actually stick to? Leave it in the hands of your closest friends and the Global Twitter community!

Flat UI Design Websites - 22

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Vitrines sur la relève

Vitrines sur la relève est un événement musical qui a pour but de promouvoir l’émergence des artistes de la Ville de Québec.

Flat UI Design Websites - 23

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Watches & Jewelry

The Online Store for Watches and Jewelry Switzerland (Onlineshop für Uhren und Schmuck Schweiz)

Flat UI Design Websites - 24

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Ductus, a simple guidelines generator for calligraphers

Flat UI Design Websites - 25

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Riello Sistemi

Riello Sistemi design and produce rotary transfer machines with very high technology and quality standards. The perfection of their products comes from people intelligence, passion and knowledge

Flat UI Design Websites - 26

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Next on ETTV

ETTV is Extraterrestrial Television. Now you can finally find out what’s on TV on other planets.

Flat UI Design Websites - 26

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Mils & Tom

Mils & Tom’s Wedding Website

Flat UI Design Websites - 26

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