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25 Creative Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Design Examples


Professional branding or visual identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Business card, compliment slip, envelop and letterhead is the key elements of creative branding.

We are already showcased lots of business logo design and business cards that will help you to spark creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today we’ve shared hand-picked examples of branding, visual identity and logo design created by professional designers and graphic design agencies.

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Branding, Corporate Identity & Stationery Items

Hand-picked collection of branding, visual identity and stationery designs for your inspiration. All examples are simply amazing. Enjoy!

BNC Identity by Simon walsh

BNC Identity Logo Design
BNC Identity Business Card
BNC Identity Stationery Items


Deft Branding by Shaivalini Kumar

Deft Logo Design
Deft Business Card
Deft Stationery Items


LATITUDE Architecture Brand Identity Design by Alejandro Gallego

LATITUDE Architecture Brand Logo Design
LATITUDE Architecture Brand Business Card
LATITUDE Architecture Brand Stationery Items


Keystone Recruiters Branding Design by Multiple Owners

Keystone Recruiters Logo Design
Keystone Recruiters Business Card
Keystone Recruiters Stationery Items


Inova Energy Group by La Tortilleria

Inova Energy Group Logo Design
Inova Energy Group Business Card
Inova Energy Group Stationery Items


SeungHyun Kang. Branding by Seunghyun Kang

Seunghyun Kang Logo Design
Seunghyun Kang Business Card
Seunghyun Kang Stationery Items


Pride Publishing Identity by Simon walsh

Pride Publishing Logo Design
Pride Publishing Business Card
Pride Publishing Stationery Items


Montreux Branding by Multiple Owners

Montreux Logo Design
Montreux Business Card
Montreux Stationery Items


The One sp Branding by Rogan Jansen

The One sp Logo Design
The One sp Business Card
The One sp Stationery Items


Island Water Branding by Nie Design

Island Water Logo Design
Island Water Business Card
Island Water Stationery Items


Primary Sports UK by far’n’beyond studio

Primary Sports UK Logo Design
Primary Sports UK Business Card
Primary Sports UK Stationery Items


Tolela Personal Branding

Tolela Personal Branding Logo Design
Tolela Personal Branding Business Card
Tolela Personal Branding Stationery Items


Rabidblackdog Personal Branding by Krzysztof RabidBlackDog

Rabidblackdog Personal Branding Logo Design
Rabidblackdog Personal BrandingBusiness Card
Rabidblackdog Personal Branding Stationery Items


Catapulta Fest by Face.

Catapulta Fest Logo Design
Catapulta Fest Business Card
Catapulta Fest Stationery Items


AKAPIT Scientific Publisher by Alicja Wydmanska

AKAPIT Scientific Publisher Logo Design
AKAPIT Scientific Publisher Business Card
AKAPIT Scientific Publisher Stationery Items


Bike Story by Maciej ?wierczek

Bike Story Logo Design
Bike Story Business Card
Bike Story Stationery Items


Wizards Agency – Branding by Karol Kos

Wizards Agency Logo Design
Wizards Agency Business Card
Wizards Agency Stationery Items


Barba Bird Identity by Dawid Cmok

Barba Bird Identity Logo Design
Barba Bird Identity Business Card
Barba Bird Identity Stationery Items


WoodWork by Micael Butial

WoodWork Logo Design
WoodWork  Bag and Frame
WoodWork Stationery Items


Matias Security – rebranding by Dora Klimczyk

Matias Security Logo Design
Matias Security Business Card
Matias Security Stationery Items


Captain Fry corporate Identity by Anna Nedelco

Captain Fry corporate Identity Logo Design
Captain Fry corporate Identity Business Card
Captain Fry corporate Identity Stationery Items


SSCC Logistics – Branding by Mohd Almousa

SSCC Logistics  Logo Design
SSCC Logistics  Business Card
SSCC Logistics  Stationery Items


UK Deep Records by Frank González

UK Deep Records Logo Design
UK Deep Records Business Card
UK Deep Records Stationery Items


Static Movement by Sien Lauwers

Static Movement Logo Design
Static Movement Business Card
Static Movement Stationery Items


Pixel Design – Branding by Tomasz Mazurczak

Pixel Design Logo Design
Pixel Design Business Card
Pixel Design Stationery Items


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