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25 Awesome Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Design Examples

New creative branding and visual identity design examples from top designers around the world. Business identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Business card, compliment slip, envelop and letterhead is the key elements of creative branding.

We are already showcased lots of business logo design and business cards that will help you to spark creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today we’ve shared hand-picked examples of branding, visual identity and logo design created by professional designers and graphic design agencies.

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Creative Branding & Stationery Designs for Inspiration

Hand-picked collection of branding, visual identity and stationery designs for your inspiration. All examples are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Design Your Mind by Casey M. Herman

A conceptual logo designed for an architectural company. Attempted to utilize the three initials to form a strong, balanced logo to represent the business’s core values.

Design Your Mind Logo Design
Design Your Mind Branding


Personal Identity Branding by Chris Pullinger

The divisions are based on the shapes of the lettering creating distinct sections which can have its own solid colour/gradient.

Personal Identity Logo Design
Personal Identity Business Card
Personal Identity Branding


Pricy Abey Brand Identity by Adewale Akande

Brand Identity development for Pricy Abey Ventures, a multi-operation company based in Lagos, Nigeria and also operates in other parts of Africa at large.

Pricy Abey Brand Logo Design
Pricy Abey Brand Business Card
Pricy Abey Brand Branding


Caspian university by fingers

In connection with the repositioning of the university, it was necessary to create an alternate logo, transmitting the new ideology of the university.

Caspian university Logo Design
Caspian university Business Card
Caspian university Branding


Deals Arrow-Brand Identity by Balaji Kannan

“Deals Arrow” is an online affiliate marketplace, featuring a wide range of lowest online deals across varied brands from more than 400+ websites. It has wide assortment of categories like Travel Offer, Electronics, Fashion, Kids, Books, Freebies, etc.

Deals Arrow-Brand Identity Logo Design
Deals Arrow-Brand Identity Business Card
Deals Arrow-Brand Identity Branding


lapida by ESM Logo Design

The company seeks to place on the market to carry out a detailed work, meticulous and delicate with companies in various areas. We want to offer solutions to customers for their businesses improve and sensitize the public and objectives.

lapida Logo Design
lapida Business Card
lapida Branding


Focux Tecnologia by Alessandra Guimarães

Focux Tecnologia Logo Design
Focux Tecnologia Branding


Dion Sandblast by Toni Bordoy

Dion Sandblast is a company dedicated to restoration and surface treatment. Located in Mallorca (Spain), Dion is specialist in two very specific and unusual techniques: sandblasting and galvanizing.

Dion Sandblast Logo Design
Dion Sandblast Brochure & Tshirt design
Dion Sandblast Branding


New Tagline. Rebranding. by Scada

Tagline ratings agency’s famous logo was created in 2006. Over the subsequent 9 years the logo went through some simplifying modifications but essentially remained the same.

New Tagline Logo Design
New Tagline Business Card
New Tagline Branding


UNO Branding by Amber Asay

Uno was looking for a brand refresh that not only elevated their line of restaurants, but encouraged their customers to view their pizza as irresistible. In 1943 they introduced the world to deep dish pizza and today they wanted to bring pizza back as the focal point of their brand.

UNO Logo Design
UNO Badge Design
UNO Branding


Rekubatura by Magdalena ?wi?cka

Logo and branding for interior design company.

Rekubatura Logo Design
Rekubatura Business Card
Rekubatura Branding



Logo design and corporate identity for the company “Etalon” Products business. Complex supply of consumables.

 Logo Design
 Business Card


Intevit by Task Branding

Intevit is a trademark of multivitamin complelo applied as an IV in order to regenerate our cells and promote the proper functioning of organism. Currently it distributed in hospitals in the public and private sectors of Mexico and parts of the United States.

Intevit Logo Design
Intevit Business Card
Intevit Branding


Borrowl by Multiple Owners

Full identity with logo, stationery, sweet owl characters, website and mobile game Bowling.

Borrowl Logo Design
Borrowl Business Card
Borrowl Branding


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