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17 New Amazing Free Fonts for Designers

Modern free fonts for website mockup, headings, headlines and graphic UI designs. All fonts are available free for commercial and personal use. You can use high quality fonts in a logo, tattoo, badges, emblems, posters, Packaging, t-shirts/clothing, greeting cards, and wedding invitations, etc.

Fonts has always been a fundamental aspect of stylish headlines design, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. A week ago we’ve posted – 16 New Free Fonts, which turned out to be popular. So here is an another fresh list of amazing fonts.

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Fresh Free Fonts for Web & Graphic Designs

GDJ always keep our readers up-to-date with fresh graphic design resources, especially about the fonts. In this post, I’ll be featuring collection of free commercial fonts for designers. So what are your waiting, go and check out all of them and download the ones you like most.

Free fonts are available for Windows and MAC in truetype and opentype format. Check out more high quality commercial fonts, and update your font library.

Wask started a few months ago as a Condensed, Sans Serif font, for business purposes, advertising, packaging, and also for publications.

Phage Free Font

Phage free fonts
Phage fonts

Font Download

Yarin Free Font

Yarin free fonts
Yarin fonts

Font Download

QUIP Free Font

QUIP free fonts
QUIP fonts

Font Download

ETNA Free Font

ETNA  free fonts
ETNA  fonts

Font Download

Phelix Boomgartner Free Font

Phelix Boomgartner free fonts
Phelix Boomgartner fonts

Font Download

Chubby Free Font

Chubby free fonts
Chubby fonts

Font Download

Giza Stencil Free Font

Giza Pro free fonts
Giza Pro fonts

Font Download

Mixolydian Titling Free Font

Mixolydian Titling free fonts
Mixolydian Titling fonts

Font Download

Artistico Free Font

Artistico free fonts
Artistico fonts

Font Download

Plumeria Sans Free Font

Plumeria Sans free fonts
Plumeria Sans fonts

Font Download

Timber Free Font

Timber free fonts
Timber fonts

Font Download

Wask Free Font

Wask free fonts
Wask fonts

Font Download

Freehand Free Font

Freehand free fonts
Freehand fonts

Font Download

Game Robot Free Font

Game Robot free fonts
Game Robot fonts

Font Download

Exacta Free Font

Exacta free fonts
Exacta fonts

Font Download

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