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Why PrestaShop is the Ideal Software for an E-commerce Store


Are you considering starting an e-commerce store? Are you unsure which software will work best for your needs? If you want to get up and started quickly, and want to work with a piece of software that has already been employed by over 230,000 others, you may want to consider PrestaShop.  I covered a few reason why so many shops have chosen PrestaShop as their e-commerce platform.

You Are in Control

PrestaShop Free Online Store

With PrestaShop, you are able to get as creative as you like with your theme. As soon as customers come to your store, you can welcome them in whichever way you want. You can change fonts and colors without issue as many times as you like, enabling you to settle on the perfect design for your website. Whether you chose to download PrestaShop yourself, or use their latest Cloud version, their themes are fully customizable making sure you get the perfect look.

Designs are Mobile Responsive

Everyone knows that if their website is not mobile friendly, they will be missing out on organic traffic coming from mobile devices. Luckily, PrestaShop has you covered with their mobile-responsive designs. When you create an e-commerce store on their platform, you can rest assured that your content will be able to be viewed no matter what type of device your customers are using.

More than 2000 Professional Templates

PrestaShop understands that storeowners need their store to stand out from their competitors if it is going to be a success. Therefore, they have over 2,000 templates available so you can make a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors from their very first visit. Regardless, of your store’s niche, you are sure to be able to find the perfect template to increase your conversion rate.

Get a Unique Design

If you want to be 100% sure that no one will have a store that has the same design as you, PrestaShop can refer you to one of their partners who can then customize a website specifically for you. They have agency partners in over 30 countries to help guarantee you can find the perfect fit. Additionally, since they are giving you the referral, you can relax in the knowledge that the agency is PrestaShop certified to build your awesome store.

Add-ons are Available Too

Do you want to make your store more user friendly? Check out the various add-ons that PrestaShop offers. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • PayPal Direct Payments – PayPal is one of the easiest and safest payment gateways
  • Google Trusted Stores- Allows you to become a certified Google Trusted Stores Merchant
  • Professional Blog
  • Amazon Marketplace- Solution to export products, import and manage orders right from Amazon
  • Abandon cart reminder- Sends an email reminder to those who left items in their cart without checking out to remind them and increase sales

All of these can help you to attract and convert more customers.

Their Blog is a Valuable Resource

PrestaShop takes great pride in their community. With over 800k community members, PrestaShop takes pride in ensuring each community member gets the most out of PrestaShop. One of the ways PrestaShop helps those members is by creating great a great blog. This blog provides visitors with valuable information to ensure that their e-commerce store is a success. Check it out for yourself and you are sure to find some hidden gems that will help you jumpstart your online store.

PrestaShop is free

PrestaShop top differentiator between them and their competitors is their price. Whether you choose the cloud version (the simplest way to build your store) or the download version (enable access to the core files), PrestaShop is 100% free. They don’t charge a monthly fee or take a cut of your sales. PrestaShop makes money by partnering with various industry leaders thus, bringing you this awesome platform at no cost.

Try it for yourself

PrestaShop is a great tool that all e-commerce storeowners need to consider using. Since the platform is free, you really have nothing to lose, and it takes only minutes to get started.  Have you used PrestaShop before? What platform have you used in the past or currently? Let us know!

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