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Experience Design Quality Combined with World Class Support

Since pre-made layouts are created from editable design elements, the layouts themselves are completely editable. As such, they can serve as a perfect baseline for your web design.

Layouts are conceptual designs. As such, they can serve as idea generators. A layout can reinforce or improve upon a design idea you already have, or it can convey to you a completely new and useful idea. An idea generator that also functions as a design aid is definitely a powerful tool; a tool that can get a project off to a fast start.

If pre-made layouts and other important features contained in WordPress themes are backed up by a solid level of support, the net result is often one of increased productivity. The presence of a world class support system can save you countless hours of wasted time trying to overcome problems that inevitably pop up.

Having a Large Number of Pre-made Layouts is a Wise Choice

Having a large number of pre-made layouts at your disposal is always better than having just a few. Even if you don’t use every layout that is readily accessible, since layouts are conceptual designs, they are sources of ideas. Even if your website creations are confined to a narrow niche, having more layouts at your disposal is always preferable to having fewer.

If you work for a number of different clients, having a larger selection of layouts at your disposal obviously makes sense.  Browse through the selection presented here and try to visualize how you might be able to make good use out of one or more of them.

Installation and Editing as it Should Be

Be Theme, a highly-popular, best-selling WordPress theme offers more than 100 high quality pre-made layouts. Once you have selected a layout you would like to begin working with, you are ready to take the next steps; installing and editing.

The layout installation and editing processes are demonstrated in this brief video. It takes about a minute to view, which is about the same amount of time it takes to install and begin editing your first layout.

As you will see, thee two processes are fast, easy, and intuitive, characteristics that are present in all of Be Themes primary features; which is a major reason for this WordPress theme’s popularity.

Here is what several typical users have to say:

World Class Support Makes a Difference

In this day and age, getting help with a problem, or having a question answered, all too often consists of working your way through an automated phone system, answering queries that a voice-recognition system doesn’t always recognize, and finally getting through to a real person who may or may not be able to help you.

The quality of online support can also vary, but it is usually better. Be Theme’s support team is a world class team in every sense of the word. It is even advertised as a Be Theme core feature, and justifiably so. You can always expect a prompt response, and in the occasional instance where a member of the support team has to take some time to diagnose a problem, or find an answer to your question, that person will never keep you waiting for long. They are there 24/7 to assist you.

A Sampling of Be Theme’s Core Features

The excellent support team is not Be Theme’s only world class feature. The selection of   100+ Pre-made Layouts is also well-deserving of the title, as is the page builder and several other core features. This theme has been created with speed of use and ease of use in mind. Everything about it focuses on the end user. Each feature is important in its own way, and most of them will prove to be critical at one time or another in your ability to create a world class design of your own.

  • The Muffin Page Builder is one of this theme’s most exciting and popular features. It is the page builder that makes your design comes to life as you make the transition from the initial pre-made layout, and begin to add/edit one design element at a time. The page builder is speed optimized, it is intuitive to use, and you do not need to understand a thing about coding to build your pages as you want them. If you prefer coding or using one or more of the 200+ shortcodes provided however, either is an option.

  • Since page building can proceed at a lightning fast pace, it is always nice to have something that helps the process along while keeping everything under control, which is where the Muffin Options Panel comes in. This powerful admin panel allows you to customize a layout’s theme easily and simply. As is the case with the page builder, coding is not necessary.
  • Choose a pre-made layout and import it with a click. Be Theme’s 1 Click Demo Installation is a valuable feature to have at your fingertips. You could take a layout and build a webpage in seconds, although taking minutes to do so is often a safer approach.
  • The World Class Support Team is worthy of another mention. Users love the Muffin Page Builder, they love the 100+Pre-made Layouts, and they love how the Muffin Options Panel guides and controls the page-building process. These features get more than their share of positive feedback; for every one that is mentioned, the assistance provided by Be Theme’s world class support is often mentioned in the same breath.

There are too many other key features to list them all here, but if you investigate further, you can learn about all of them at your leisure. Be prepared to be impressed!

Investigate Further – You will Like what you See

The latest version of Be Theme, 8+ is WordPress 4.2 ready, and it is better than ever. Take some time to explore the features described on the website. Browse the more

than 100 layouts to imagine the possibilities. Check out the forum and the online tutorials. You will find so much useful information that you will practically be a Be Theme expert before you begin to design and build your first product. There are no steep learning curves you will have to contend with, and the support team will be there, ready, willing, and able to assist you should a problem arise.

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