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Monstroid: Universal WordPress Theme with All-Inclusive Functionality

When using a ready-made theme to build a site, you naturally want to have everything at hand instead of wasting hours on searching for third-party tools. Today, your wish can finally come true, since TemplateMonster released Monstroid, a universal WordPress theme with all-inclusive functionality for blogs, portfolios, e-stores, and any other website type. To be exact, Monstroid comprises 150 shortcode variations, 145 predefined pages, 23 premium plugins, multiple eCommerce options, innovative features for tech-savvies and DIYers… Don’t hesitate to explore more features in our review to understand how your site can benefit from Monstroid.

Use Innovative Backend Features

Let’s start our review with innovative features that can make it easier to build your website backend. Check them and their significance for your web resource below.

Monstroid installation wizard

Installation Wizard. With its help, you can install Monstroid and its components with a few clicks. The whole process is a matter of 2 minutes.
CSS Minifier. This feature allows for compilation of many CSS files into a single one that can be minified for your site to load and work faster.

Monstroid shortcode template editor

Shortcode Template Editor. Its functions are to create custom templates for shortcodes and modify them afterwards the way you prefer.
Dynamic CSS. It is meant to bring about dynamic changes to CSS properties of your site without touching the main CSS file. Instead, you build a new file each time.

Monstroid static area builder
Static Area Builder. The drag-and-drop tool is responsible for locating your logo, menu, search bar, and other elements in any part of the header and footer.

* * *

Enjoy Absolute Freedom of Layout Structuring

Now, let’s talk about the design of pages that you can build with Monstroid. The theme allows for code-free creation of multiple layouts. They include a full-width layout of 1170px / 960px and a boxed one of the mentioned parameters. On the right and left, it’s also possible to locate sidebars, where you can publish details of the utmost importance. Instead of sweating over the code, you can structure your website pages in the intuitive settings panel. Ease of use and freedom of choice are the main things that Monstroid provides.

* * *

Try Different Styles for Elements’ Arrangement

monstroid style options
The next thing to do after building the layout is to take care of elements’ order on the page. For this, Monstroid features 4 style options such as grid, masonry, flat, and masonry flat. They allow for elegant organization of page elements in boxes or tiles that can be separated with gaps or merged together without any gaps. Each page can have its own style of elements’ arrangement across the layout.

* * *

Receive Many Child Themes Monthly

monstroid child themes

Besides Monstroid, you will have a free access to multiple child themes that can be installed on a single domain. In the initial package, there are 4 child themes intended for artists, educators, businessmen, and interior designers. Then, the package will be expanded with more than 15 child themes every month. In such a way, Monstroid offers unique solutions for a wide range of business niches. And the best thing is that you can get everything without spending an extra cent. It’s really easy to be thrifty with Monstroid.

* * *

Go Trendy with a Skin Switcher

monstroid skin switcher
In addition to structure & style options, Monstroid comes with a convenient skin switcher. The tool enables you to bring immediate changes to the overall appearance of your site. And it takes no more than a single click of a mouse. At first, you’ll get 3 skins, each of which embodies a popular trend of web design, namely flat, minimal and dark. Later, their number will increase to help you turn your site into a trendy eye candy. Check the skins available in the initial package.

* * *

Enrich Your Site with eCommerce Functionality

monstroid ecommerce option
Would you like to make sales online? Then, Monstroid is what you need, as it is a WooCommerce-powered theme supplied with a full set of eCommerce functions and predefined pages. Just remove its default content and your own one. Everything is as easy as that. Multiple shipping & payment options, stock tracking, stats monitoring, currency switching, geo-location support, – this and much more will become available to you with Monstroid. You can also use one of its child themes for building an online store, as they are compatible with WooCommerce.

* * *

Back up Your Website Content and Settings

Another great thing about Monstroid is a backup option that can secure your site against any unforeseen circumstances while customizing it. Whether you want to back up your content or settings, you can do it all right in the admin panel. Once you notice something goes wrong, you can easily return the previous version without a minimal data loss. As you can see, any experiments are possible with Monstroid.

* * *

Get a Free Access to Premium Plugins

Monstroid is integrated with multiple plugins that can be used independently of the theme. Thus, you pay solely for Monstroid, but obtain 23 premium plugins besides the theme itself. Here is a brief outline of the plugins that present the most significant value for your site.

motopress drag and drop content editor

MotoPress Editor. This frontend customization tool comes with drag-and-drop functionality, which can let you modify your website interface literally on the fly.
Cherry Shortcodes. Using this plugin, you can generate 30+ shortcodes and 150+ shortcode variations to facilitate the processes of content addition and management.
Cherry Rank. With its aid, you can let people appraise your website imagery with star ratings. It’s a good gesture to show them that their opinions matter for you.
Cherry Live Chat. It gives an opportunity to answer customers’ questions at once in real time without making them wait for a letter of response.
Cherry Data Manager. If you are going to transfer your website data to a new domain, this tool will help you export and import it with a click.

monstroid portfolio

Portfolio Page. Thanks to the integration of this plugin, you can represent your portfolio in an individual section featuring many cool effects and functions.
Cherry Charts. The tool is intended to attract extra attention to the statistical data by displaying it in vivid diagrams and infographics.
Cherry Mega Menu. Here is a plugin to enhance the hierarchy of your website menu and supply it with more elements than just links, e.g. buttons, icons, images, lists, etc.
Moto Slider. Use it to build responsive slideshows with many layers, animations, transition effects, image resizing and other options. You can manage slides by means of drag-and-drop functionality.
While Label Plugin. If you are a web developer, this is a must-have tool for you, as it helps label your site both at the frontend and backend.

* * *

Add Must-Have Features to Your Site

monstroid features

The functional potential of Monstroid complies with modern web design trends, which will help your site thrive in the competitive web environment. Read on to find more detailed information about website essentials embedded into Monstroid.
Cherry Framework 4.0. Used as a backbone of Monstroid, this is the latest version of Cherry Framework revised according to users’ wishes. For example, a lot of them complain that most frameworks are abundant in nonessential features impeding the process of website building. For that reason, Cherry Framework 4.0 enables users to turn off any unnecessary options. Furthermore, it is based on an independent module structure, that’s why you can use its components as stand-alone tools. To conclude, the framework is powered by Bootstrap and features a well-organized code in its core.
SEO- & Mobile-Friendly Nature. It can improve your website position on the SERP and ensure its optimal performance on tablets and mobile devices.
500+ Google Fonts. You can apply different fonts to different texts so that each portion of content would have a distinctive touch.
Social Media Integration. With its help, people can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks. Monstroid also has content sharing, rating and commenting options as well as social login to facilitate the authorization procedure on your site.
Google Maps. This web mapping service is meant to inform your audience of where you are and how to reach you.
Compatibility with Popular Extensions. The functional potential of Monstroid can be extended with third-party tools, e.g. bbPress, WPML, Yoast, BuddyPress, and others.

* * *

Check Monstroid Extras Available for Free

As you may have already noticed, the package of Monstroid is full of premium options accessible for free together with the theme. So, here are some more extras that can facilitate your experience of building a site with Monstroid.

monstroid licensed images

50+ Licensed Images. Monstroid gives an access to a free pack of professional images. Thanks to such a cool bonus, you can minimize your time and efforts directed at finding visuals for your text content.
Comprehensive Documentation. End users get a set of clear guidelines highlighting various aspects of Monstroid usage, from installation to customization.
Video Tutorials. You can also watch video tutorials to get a visual explanation of how Monstroid works.

monstroid free lifetime support
Free Support. If you don’t understand something in text and video tutorials, you can ask TemplateMonster specialists for help via a live chat or ticket submission. This round-the-clock service is available for a lifetime, whether you need it on the first day of obtaining Monstroid or, say, in a year. A quick, professional response is guaranteed.
Lifetime Updates. This option lets your site stay up-to-date permanently. As soon as a new feature or topic is released, you will be notified about it and will be able to use it completely for free.

* * *


In the end, we’d like to accentuate the fact that Monstroid is an all-inclusive solution for all WordPress users, whether they run a blog or an e-store, specialize in web development or have no coding skills at all. What’s the point in using themes that require searching for extra equipment, if you can get everything at once? So, it’s time to make up your mind.

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