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The Logic behind a successful Web Design

Web designing is complicated work. To make it successful, you need to adapt to various ideas of the society to suit their needs. The logic there is to make a website which would look beautiful to the eye in the first glance. Because you see, most users decide whether they like a website or not in the first second of them seeing it. It is true in every sense, that if your web design does not suit needs, it will be closed soon after it is opened.

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Website designer working chart

So why does it need to be so perfect that it passes the immediate test of the human mind? Our brain is very unique, and so are its thoughts, images, and perceptions. If you say a word, a picture develops into your mind. This stereotype image of that specific word will always make you feel familiar with it when you see it for real. This phenomenon is the same for every type of thing you could imagine, even websites.

Turn your ideas into reality.

The brain has developed a specific notion of how certain websites would look like. For example; a picture would pop up in your mind when I say the word “social network”. If you are like the majority of other people, you would have thought of Facebook. That is how the mind works. Simply, if you are told about a website, you will automatically perceive it in an image, and you would feel much familiar with it if it turned out to be similar in reality. However, you would also feel disappointed and vague if you land in a website not suited to your views.

Website prototype

The kind of website that makes you feel familiar is a prototypical website. It is a website which connects emotionally not logically. Over the years we have realized that our sight is more concerned about emotional connections and gut feelings. The moment we see something, we make a split-second decision of whether we like it or not. This is a keen adaptation of the mind from ancient times, when people had safety as their main concern and needed to decide whether something was safe or not very quickly.

A web designer can accomplish this task of emotions through many ways, but the most basic is to keep it basic. Yes, the more simple and sleek a website is the more open and broad it looks. It gains the chance of feeling familiar and, contrary to complicated and stuffed websites, is very easy to use. This means that even though your site has equal or less of the service the users needed, it will still gain more users than its counterpart.

Eyes gaze upon the web design of your website

Moreover, the website should be as communicative as possible. The message should be bold and clear. People should immediately know what they are going to see on the website. This makes the users know they are at the right place, the second they let their eyes gaze upon the web design of your website.

On the other hand, there are some tips in detail to how you should move on with your web design. The basic structure is very important. Studies show that people always look to the top left corner of a website. This is the perfect position for your logo. Navigation should be clearly visible on the top or the left side of the page. These positions are important as they also connect with the stereotypical idea of a website and add to the fact that the website seems familiar and more attractive to a user. Moreover, there are studies which prove how people use websites with these kinds of positioning, more and more often.

Website cleaner it looks the better

Furthermore, all kinds of distractions should be removed from the website. The cleaner it looks the better. That means, try and remove, or at least, lessen the amount of ads and sounds across the website that are the main cause for distraction of the user. A person’s full attention can only be grabbed if no such things are present. Lastly, most people get frustrated with the idea that they have to go to the start or the beginning of their search to find similar articles. Thus, links should always be present which help people get to where they want in a faster and much less time consuming way.

Finally, to add it all up, the more the user feels at home, the more time he will spend on the website. To simplify, let the user know that he belongs. He must know exactly where he is and what he will find later.

All-in-all, the logic behind this task is simple. All you need to do as a web designer, is to focus on these and connect with the one you are intending the site for, emotionally and with all your heart. Only then will you be able to grasp the true meaning of what a well made web design looks like.

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