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Useful Web Designing Tips for Web Designers as Per 2016 Trends

In today’s world, the designs of websites are rapidly changing and becoming advanced day-by-day. But every coming year brings a new style with several existing trends moving with us towards the next year while many others are left in the past.

With 2015 half completed, analysts have already started looking for web designing trends of the year 2016. However, these are just predictions but web designers or marketers should check out these 8 upcoming design trends that they can expect to see in the year 2016.

“Flat” designs

Flat Designs - Continue Trend in 2016

Web designers who are considering using bubbles, gradients, shadows, or patterns should think again! Designers should embrace the “flat” designs in the year 2016 also to add simplicity to the page. Flat designs are also perfect for mobile devices as they provide a clear layout of the page structure.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations

Most designers think that it is easy to copy an image from an already existing vector pack from the internet. But the trend is expected to change in the year 2016. Hand- drawn illustrations will provide a personality to the web page and give a friendly edge to the brand. The custom-drawn illustrations will be difficult for the competitors to copy and thus will remain original.


Typography for web designers

The term typography refers to the art of designing letters. Special thanks to Google Fonts, the available typography for web designers has changed from the traditional Arial and Comic Sans Fonts. The future will show more emphasis on the fonts and their sizes just like the added importance on the visual aspect of the web page. Although, many maintained websites are adopting the change in typography – the majority of the websites are still behind in following the trend. Web designers should incorporate better typography in the future to help their brand stand out from the crowd.


what will happen next?

Expert of web and technology are waiting for the trend of narrating an interactive story through the websites to emerge. The year 2016 will see the fashion of interactive stories in every aspect of the websites. Humans love to hear stories and imagine themselves in the central character. We usually ask “what will happen next?” in the middle and once we are satisfied with the answer, we usually want more. The marketer’s job is to make the viewers and consumers of the brand to ask for more. In the past, Nike and Lidyana did a great job in adding a story to their websites. The year 2016 should see more web pages following the trend.

Opt for card designs

Pinterest style webdesign

Similar to Pinterest, many web designers are going for the card design for their websites. The card design is not just attractive but it is also functional as it calls the users to perform specific actions such as like, comment, share, etc. the year 2016 will see more web designers imitating the card design in their page layout to keep their consumers and visitors engaged.

High-quality images

High quality images

A website might look plain and boring without a picture in the background. You can add a single photograph or a series of photographs that represents the brand. Web designers can also go for a moving image or cinematography for their website. The moving image will express more words than a still photograph and use up less bandwidth when compared to actual videos. The pictures (still or moving) will spice up your website and keep them entertained to the page for a while longer.


scrolling trends

Many web designers assume that the scrolling aspect on the website will end with the year 2015. But it is likely to continue in the year 2016 with extended functions. Scrolling is essential as it adds to the interactive experience of the websites and helps speed up the page.

 Repeat the “last year” trends

Since some of the previous year trends worked before, it is likely that they will be used in the year 2016 also such as:

Responsive designs: Having a website which is not fully functional to work in various devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc will still be a big “no-no” in 2016. By now it is regarded as compulsory to have a responsive web design, but it is worth the mention for those who still don’t have a mobile presence.

Parallax scrolling: The websites that follow the methods of parallax scrolling have backgrounds that move slowly than the foreground to create unique animations. The trend is expected to follow in the year 2016 also.

Right or wrong! These are some of the predictions made by web experts for the upcoming year. Most of us are anticipating the New Year to see which brands incorporate the hottest trends in web designing and stay in the game. Let’s wait and watch what the year 2016 brings for us! Happy surfing!

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