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Design and UX Trends in 2016. Are Your Visitors Happy?

Development jobs have been negatively affected by outsourcing, but other segments of the IT sector, such as web design and eCommerce, continue to grow at a fast clip. Healthcare IT expansion and mobile networks are other areas in which there is an ever-increasing demand for software developers and systems analysts.

In spite of favorable job growth statistics, web design is not devoid of challenges. This is especially true with eCommerce web design. One such challenge is that of designing a website that can not only attract visitors but keep them long enough to make purchases.

Web designers need to understand how to keep visitors happy by providing excellent user experiences (UX).

User Profiles – What is it About UX that Makes Everything So Complicated?

Web design can become complicated when the designer, or the client, does not fully understand a typical user’s objectives. Visual design is important, but usability and design utility are even more important in UX design. UX design has to be user-centric.

Specific challenges web designers face are these:

  • Website visitors can be hedonistic; they seek pleasure.
  • Website visitors have a tendency to seek instant gratification.
  • Visitor’s having attention spans of more than a few seconds are the exception rather than the rule.
  • Life’s pace is fast. If a page takes more than two seconds to load, visitors become impatient, and may look elsewhere.

Both web designers and their clients have to be cognizant of these sometimes quirky behaviors, and use tools that contribute to creating websites that will keep users interested and engaged.

What Role Does Modern Look and Feel Play in Keeping Website Visitors Happy?


It’s obvious that you want to provide information that is important to website visitors. Knowing how best to present that information is equally if not more important, although it may not be quite as obvious. The essence of look and feel in a website is its ability to draw in visitors, keep them engaged, and convince them to respond when they encounter a call to action.

  • Shortcomings of Typical Website Design – Some websites are designed as if they are online books to be read. The problem is, users don’t read linearly, and they try to avoid continuous scrolling. They scan. Websites with a modern look and feel encourage users to skip around and scan.
  • White Space is not Wasted Space – Making the best possible use of space does not mean using as much of it as you can. White space makes viewing easier, and it can make almost any web page more professional looking. White space has an unusual characteristic – it says nothing, but it can speak volumes.
  • White space, coupled with clear crisp design lines, encourages a visitor to spend more time on a site. This is especially true of blogs, which tend to be read in a linear fashion, but must avoid taking on a textbook’s look.
  • Carefully Selected, Super-Sharp Images Make All the Difference – A touchscreen is nice, but it still doesn’t allow an online shopper to feel the merchandise. The only alternative is to use the best possible image or images to present a product; backed up in necessary by relevant information. Mobile shoppers in particular appreciate an opportunity to see what a product really looks like, in as much detail as a small screen will allow.

Images can also play important roles in blogs. They convey information while breaking the central narrative into manageable chunks, which tends to keep a reader’s mind from straying.

A Practical Solution to the UX Look and Feel Challenge

Uncode’s design is based on knowing and understanding the UX challenges a web designer must deal with, combined with a knowing what functions or features are necessary to help meet these challenges.

Uncode has many features and plugins similar to those found on other best-selling WordPress themes, e.g., WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, etc.

There are many more differences than similarities however, including powerful web-building features you will find nowhere else.

  • The popular Visual Composer page builder has been tailored to include a number of advanced functionalities.
  • Uncode has an advanced cascade theme options system that gives you full control over your website-building project.
  • With Uncode’s new Adaptive Images feature, images are automatically adapted to display clearly and correctly on all devices and for all resolutions.

No other WordPress theme can match what Uncode’s developers accomplished when they produced their unique advanced Adaptive Grid System. You can create every possible layout, and a few impossible ones as well by mixing and matching dozens of grid options, and precisely spacing design elements, by fully control padding and gap settings, and more.


Uncode is modular. What this means to you the user is added flexibility. You have more design options than any other WordPress theme provides.


Award-Winning Theme, Award-Winning Authors


Uncode owes its existence to its elite author team of two exceptionally talented and motivated people. They understand UX challenges, and they know how to confront and overcome those challenges.

They also understand the needs of a typical WordPress theme user. They created an uncomplicated, easy-to-use theme that, because of its modular design, offers tremendous flexibility when building beautiful, technically consistent, award-winning websites.

Ucode’s awards include awards in CSS design and ThemeForest’s Top New File Award.

Uncode is not at all difficult to learn and to master. A beginner can become an expert at using it in a short time, and can turn out professionally-designed websites in a short time as well. But beginners are often not even aware of what some of the UX challenges are, and more experienced website builders who are aware, can still find those challenges hard to overcome.

Uncode is exactly the right solution for the eCommerce website builder who wants end users to be given the excellent user experience that is needed to make a website a success. Designers and their clients want website designs that attract and engage users, and encourages them to respond to calls for action. See here why Uncode can be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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