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Web Designer’s Block: How to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

Having the web designer’s block can be a nightmare especially when project deadlines are looming. When you’re handling lots of consecutive projects also, your creativity can definitely run dry any time and the next thing you realize is that you have been staring at your monitor for an hour or so.

Don’t panic! Just relax and consider these tips to breaking free from designer’s block.

Determine how or when your designer block is triggered

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By monitoring how your creativity block occurs, you will understand how you can prevent it from coming back in the future. Is it triggered after accepting a project that requires you to use a web designing skill that you’re barely unfamiliar with? If you’re planning to accept similar projects in the future, then start improving that skill and gaining experience through constant practice.

Take some time out of the project

Take a break and relax

Sometimes, all you need is to take a break and relax so that you can regain your energy and refresh your mind. Take a walk outside and get some new perspective. Or simply just forget your project for a while and do anything creative that isn’t related to web designing.

Proceed with the basic tasks that you can do mindlessly

Active mind for better ideas

Coming up with a good design requires an active mind as you sort through the possible options available. When you’re having a designer’s block, you won’t be able to come up with any ideas despite your extensive experience. But to avoid wasting your time as you wait for your muse to give you some stunning ideas, you may just want to do the tasks that you’re good at or that you can do mindlessly such as setting up your standard codes and fundamental templates.

Engage with fellow web designers

Two minds are better than one

They say that two minds are better than one, and thus, it’s a great idea if you have a network of web designers who you can casually talk with and ask for ideas. It’ll be easy if you’re working in a company since there will definitely be a creative department that you belong to. On the other hand, if you’re a freelance web designer, you can join clubs with like-minded individuals or register in online groups for designers.

Do things differently

New perspective and bring back your creative juices

Most often, web designers’ blocks are caused by working on the same things, in the same place and through the same processes over and over again. Thus, changing your work routine can help you gain a new perspective and bring back your creative juices. How about planning your layout by doodling with pen and paper instead of using your laptop straight away like you had always done? How about working in a coffee shop instead of at home? Even changing your position or work station at home or in the office can do wonders. Changes don’t actually have to be related to your work. Sometimes, rigid lifestyle can kill creativity, and thus, you need to vary your daily routine to avoid monotony in life.

Having web designers’ block is normal but it doesn’t have to permanently paralyze you. May the tips above help you take control of your creative juices especially when you most need them.

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