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Typographer’s March Dream Bundle – Only $29

Hey, have a look at this astonishing font bundle of 30 professional fonts by the guys at DreamBundles!! This bundle contains some of the best selling premium fonts such as Octavia Script, Steelheart Script and Adelicia Script. There’s also a lot of fresh new comers like Shrewdy Brush Script and Christmas Beauty that will bring your designs into 2016! On top of that you’ll get ton of high quality, unique and eye-catching fonts that are guaranteed to make a lasting impact. Extended license included!

DreamBundles is offering you a 98% discount on these must-have fonts between March 1st to March 31st 2016 only. You’ll get full access to a professional graphic fonts bundle originally priced at $1296 but cut down to an unbelievable $29, this month only. Don’t miss out this sale and grab it into your folders before the deal is over.

Deal Expired

Take a quick look at what you can get in this Deal:

Octavia Script
Shrewdy Hand Script
Shallom Typeface
Markella Brush Script
Daily Hustle
Daniela Script
Brayden Family
Vanilla Daisy Script
Fairy Tales
Crossover Display Font

Deal Expired

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