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200+ Free Vector Line Icons Font (PSD, SVG, Sketch & Webfont)

Beautiful set of free vector icon font “dripicons” ver.2 by Amit Jakhu, that is perfect for web and mobile UI design. The set comes as a web-font and vector (.PSD, .Sketch, .SVG) so that you can use it in multiple ways. There are 200+ free icon in the set, you can download completely free of cost and they can be used for both free and commercial projects.

Each icon is a single Photoshop shape layer, meaning they can be scaled up and down without loss of quality. Adding layer styles and blend modes is also a breeze. The icon font is available in two different styles Character Mapping and CSS Mapping, using the CSS3 to appropriate characters are bound to their respective classes (eliminating the need to remember the correct index of each icon).

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There are many advantages of vector icon like no more slicing images and modifying background positions, No more media queries for different screen resolutions, 88 lightweight, consistent graphics based on a 24px grid, Pixel-perfect rendering in webkit browsers using -webkit-font-smoothing: anti-aliased, CSS and original vectors are included in the kit.

What are you waiting go ahead and download the lovely Vector line icons.

Vector Line Icons (Preview)

A completely free vector line-icon font

Free Iconset) - SVG, Webfont, PSD, Sketch

Vector Line Icon Preview

The download package includes web-font and vector PSD, Sketch, PDF, SVG formats.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

The icon font design by Amit Jakhu with the name of DRIPICONS“ version 2.0. The icons are completely free for commercial and non-commercial usage. You cannot claim them to be your own or sell them for a profit. You should include a link to this page in your credits.

Demo Visit Download Page

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