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Mistakes that Hold Promise to Unfailingly Dismantle Your Website

Communication between a company and its client can take up different routes but the revolution that internet brought along is phenomenal. Entities that can provide their services online have an upper hand among the others. Using a website to interact with consumers is an innovative and efficient way to bring possibilities to you. It is an ideal platform that can be used to bring in traffic of audience to review what you have to offer. Websites act like a visual storage unit that can represent an organization in creative ways.

Nowadays, people are more into surfing the internet to look for things they want because it is easy. A few clicks on someone’s website can allow them to take an initiative to buy a product or tell others about it. Creating a website used to be an uphill task but now due to the introduction of free website making apps an amateur can learn the art of developing one. If you want your website to have a corporate look then you would want to refer a web developer who can program your website accordingly.

Essential components for building webiste

Essential components required to create a website

  • Front and Back End elements
  • Navigation Structure
  • Page Layout
  • Image and Content
  • Graphic designs
  • Content Management System
  • E commerce
  • Site Search
  • Online Databases
  • Password Protected Section
  • Downloadable files
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name

These are some of the few most important elements that complete a website to be published out on the internet. Mistakes related to them can make your website vulnerable to failure. These mistakes can be in small details that you might miss out while creating the website or they might show themselves after the website is introduced. Websites need to be user friendly and if these mistakes prevail it might cause the viewer traffic to switch to an alternative website.

Top Mistakes to avoid while building your website

Cluttered Homepage and Unclear Navigation

Frustrated with website navigation

If your website seems all over the place because your links are not at the right location or the buttons that might connect your main page to the other pages of the website is somewhere hidden then the viewers might get frustrated. This will lead to chaos when the website functions. It should be organized properly with clear identification and descriptions. Unnecessary things will not grasp the view of the consumer and your website might not get the exposure needed.

Responding to Initiated Actions

Call to action

If you have buttons for registering, downloading, signing up, viewing, sharing or purchasing; you need to have them working. Web designers should never forget the importance of call to action. Visitors need a well devised working system that allows them to do the stuff mentioned above.

Screen Resolution

Website responsive resolution

This is an important feature that needs attention. There are so many gadgets of various sizes and your website needs to have a resolution that fits each of them. If you have created a website that has only a desktop version then it will be quite clear that people who use cell phones will never try to waste time by going through it. Check for what kind of monitor resolution is being used by various search engines then set yours.

SEO Content

Seo Friendly Website Contnet

A website should be SEO friendly because you need it to appear on all search engines. The more it appears the more people will select to view it. The content should have specific keywords that make it visible on the search bars.

Say no to Multiple Windows

Say no to multiple windows

Multiple frames of windows complicate the user’s experience because they take a lot of time to load and ties up system resources. It is better if you have all the info on one page of the website.

Backed up server

Loading Website

The website should never have a slow loading time. A survey suggest that a visitor will wait for only 4 seconds after a click and then he/she will resume to another website that will serve them instantly. Choose your visual illustrations carefully because at times bigger pictures or long videos might cause the website not to open up immediately.

Orphan Pages

Every page linked to the homepage

Your website needs to have every page linked to the homepage because if they try to save the URL to share it with somebody else and they find a dead page then this can cost you a viewer.

PDF Files

PDF Files

Having PDF files on your website is not always a clever idea as it breaks the flow of the audience surfing through. Converting them into a document to print is very hectic and if someone doesn’t have it installed in their mobile phone or PC they can’t continue to view the information they want.


Check thoroughly for these mistakes because they might become the reason that dismantles your website at the beginning. A well devised website will command the search engines this is why you need to create one.

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