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27 Amazing Freebies For Designers

Designers don’t always hit off with their projects right away. Many times, they lack inspiration and doodle on their notepad for hours waiting for the idea to appear. At the worst possible scenario, the valiant approach doesn’t take them anywhere, and they feel stuck for days trying to think of something.

That’s why designers need freebies – to provide them with awesome ideas for their new tasks and projects.

At the same time, freebies are useful to developers, who need them to produce aesthetically attractive interfaces. What is a great idea for both new developers and designers is to study freebies before they jump to work.

The most loveable thing about freebies is that they get things done for us. Whatever we need to do, the freebie has already handled for us, and everything that is left is to reorganize its items in the most suitable way to match your style and design.

Freebies, as one can get from the name, are free resources, and that makes them more than suitable for personal projects. When working with clients, however, it is better to invest in premium tools because we’re expected to provide the highest quality possible. The way how you use your resources depends almost entirely on your skills, and freebies are an awesome way to get such, and to learn how to work properly with UI elements, fonts, icons, and so on.

Another thing that makes freebies so popular is that there are a lot of them, and the trend of releasing better ones is nowhere close to stopping.

In this article, we’ve listed the neatest and most useful freebies such as Sketch files, PSD templates, mockups, and similar resources.

Prior to completing the list, we did our personal testing and hand-picking to ensure that the mentioned freebies comply with the highest quality standards, and that they can be used easily due to their .psd and .sketch files which are layered properly.

PSD Templates

Adobe Photoshop is a must for every good designer, since it contains all features and customization tools to help them design attractive and responsive web layouts. You can use Photoshop to make your personal designs, or download a pre-designed, free PSD (Photoshop format) template and remake it. It is a great way to start exploring design possibilities, especially if you don’t have that much time or finances to cover your project. The techniques you can adopt with Photoshop are just amazing!

The following section collates few fully-layered, well-organized, and completely free PSD templates whose design complied with the latest trends, and whose creators attached a professional feel that will make you wonder why such tools are free at the first place. At the end of the day, why caring? Just get them and start experimenting!


Milestone UI Kit Freebie

VSApp PSD Template

HERO free UI kit

Freelancer PSD Template

Material Design Widgets Ui Kit

Vonn Material Design UI Kit Freebie

Sketch resources

UI designers who’re still blowing hot and cold on their Sketch App Express experience are missing on a serious deal of creative UI solutions that are constantly shaking the world. Sketch resembles Photoshop in some aspects, but it has the advantage of being cheaper. There are even more affordable, yet solid solutions such as Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3. It certainly deserves the title of a modern leader on the UI digital design market, and it is only expected to grow in popularity and market share.

As a Sketch App newbie, a Photoshop designer looking to simplify work or a developer looking to include UI design in his skillset, Sketch App deserves a try. Before you try it, go to the end of this article and check out our list of carefully selected Sketch App free resources.

Note that Sketch is a new app, and there is still plenty of work to be done with it. We believe it will become an even stronger go-to web design tool, and that many more designers will decide to use it instead of Photoshop.

Go ahead and try some of these great Sketch designs – you have our guarantee that the app will turn into your new favorite tool for responsive design projects. If you’re still not convinced, give this list a look:

Portal freebie

Avital Mobile UI Kit

Shopmate Ecommerce Freebie

V Avenue Freebie

Fair UI Kit Freebie

Music App FREE UI Kit for Sketch


It takes work to present content to the client the appropriate way. You have to appear professional and give the best you’ve got, risking for the client to refuse the proposal, sometimes even because of a tiny detail. Frustrating, isn’t it?

In order to skip this scenario and to get approval from your demanding clients, use a PSD mockup for your design. The role of mockups is to make the project look more interesting, and to put it in the context it is supposed to have: a website, a mobile app, a business card, a brochure, and so on and so forth.

The upcoming section provides examples of cool design mockups you could use for free in order to improve the final product you’re about to present to your clients.

Photorealistic iPhone 6 & Nexus 5 mockups

2 Free Realistic Poster/Frame Mockups

Free Isometric iPad Pro Mockup

App Screens Perspective Mock Up

Black business card

Free Poster


Fonts do an amazing presentation job, but they are still not the resource you’re supposed to use throughout you entire project. What you need to do is to find the right one, not just in matters of appearance, but also because of the visual message it is supposed to send. To give an example, Attitude is too informal for document designs.

Many designers will argue that fonts are a matter of personal choice, but to be completely frank we’re no longer in the design era when we’re allowed to choose. Our focus is on the final user, and our concept is minimized and restricted. More often than rare, we’ll be forced to use fonts we don’t like, right because the audience finds them easy to understand. The mere idea of font suitability is to make the font as unobtrusive as possible, so that users won’t even notice it is there. It simply has to be invisible

Ideally, you should opt for a professional and free font, one that has well-organized geometric shapes and cleanly written characters, or maybe even an elegant one that conveys the main message of your design.

You should know that viewers are most impressed by sophisticated and professional typefaces, even when the design is informal. Still, that indicates that such fonts are a safe choice for designers who get to choose from a wide spectrum of suitable and free fonts.

Still, people say innovation belongs to talented people, and we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by such that offer cool solutions every day, and think of the small picks of our projects we have not enough time to consider. Their amazing typography kits are at our fingertips to help us impress the audience, and we even get to choose between serious and fancy typography ideas.




Hanken Round


Pier Sans


Lumberjack Free font

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