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New Amazing Photoshop Actions for Photographers & Designers


Fresh and highly creative Photoshop actions with video tutorials, that shows how to setup your file as well as in-depth effect customization techniques. All Photoshop actions has been created with precise calibration adjustments to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

There are huge list of Photoshop actions and effects that are available for free download. The problem is that most of the free actions are low quality. In this post we’ll showcase some of the amazing ones so you won’t have to spend hours searching for them. The actions has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC+.

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Fresh Photoshop Actions and Photo Effects

While post processing is a necessary part of digital photography, spending countless hours in front of the screen editing photos is not favorite activity for most photographers. You’d rather spend more of your time capturing amazing shots and less of your time refining those photos, right? Improving efficiency in Lightroom and or Photoshop is one of the best ways to free up more of your time for actually taking new photographs. Taking advantage of things like Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets is one way to improve your efficiency.

Architectum 2 – Sketch Tools Photoshop Action

Powerful and unique multifunctional Photoshop Action transform your photo into proffesional sketch look in the easiest possible way. Perfect works with architecture objects, buildings, exteriors, interiors, any locations and any objects, like cars, bikes, airplanes, ships… any photos! Architectum 2 included library of Additional Sketch Actions for improving results of main action.


Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Premium Double Exposure Photoshop Action – a great tool for a photographer or designer. Create a wonderful effect of double exposure in a few seconds. After action finished work, you can add a color tone, or gradient to your composition.


Realistic Oil Painting Photoshop Action

This PS action will create a realistic oil paited art from your photos. It is simple and easy-to-use, just play the action and get result. It is optimized for use diffferent versios of Photoshop since CS version. This action IS NOT based on stadart Photoshop ‘Oil Paint’ filter, so you can use it on different versons of PS and get professional results from the use of this action.


Perfectum – Vintage Watercolor Photoshop Action

Unique Piratum Photoshop Action transform your photos into vintage artwork with style of old geographic maps. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities to easy customise and improve. One click action. Video tutorial included.


Charcoal Drawing On Wall Action

Automatically creates a detailed papper background. Uses advanced selection and masking techniques to create a unique visual style for your photos. Allows you to re-color any aspect of the design. Keeps everything layered and structured well so you can experiment in all sorts of ways. Allows you to easily export your design on a transparent background. The action has been tested and working on Photoshop


Realistic Painting Effects Photoshop Action

This amazing Ps action have 8 ATN files with a High detailed results, 1 action file to brush the part to paint, 7 actions that apply the effect to all the image and help file with instructions to install the actions. Actions has been tested and works on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC+.


Water Photoshop Action

Create a range of realistic water effects with this Action! Make sure to watch the video tutorial on how to setup your file as well as in-depth effect customization techniques. This PS action includes 3 different water actions containing a unique set of splash graphics. Go from a realistic underwater effect to a simple splash effect over your subject just by hiding a few layers! Change the light source and light ray direction to anything you like and many more options.


Pastel Drawing Photoshop Action

astel Drawing is a Photoshop action, that will transform your photos into pastel painted on old paper pictures. The action has been tested on Photoshop (English versions) CC 2015, CS6 and CS5.


Realistic Painting Effect Photoshop Actions

This PS action, edit the layers settings, merge everything together, make sure to create a background from the layer ( click on the layer and from the menu go to: layer New Background from layer), now run the action again, edit the layer settings and save. Make sure to use photos that have a good lighting, that are of good quality, that are not pixelated and that are at least between 1000-4000 pixels, for bigger photos, run the action twice.


Poetry Photoshop Landscape Actions

Poetry Collection includes 5 artistic landscape toning actions. Can be used both for portraits and landscapes, to bring more expression, atmosphere and richness to your images. Professional quality. 100% automated: no user input required, just press Play.


Modern Art Photoshop Action

Do not spend lots of time trying to create this effect manually, get it done in seconds with only a few clicks.Simply open up a photo and click play on the action. Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.
The action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 & CC 2014.



Modern Art Effect Action

Very Useful Action pack. One ATN file with many effect and unlimited color effect. Editable Color Option. Editable layer. Perfect layer decoration.


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