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Evolution – Universal Business Website from MotoCMS

The word “evolution” stands for change and development. At least this is what Cambridge Dictionary says. Being the international giant in the website builder industry, MotoCMS encourages change and development. Just learn more about their unique drag-and-drop editor and give it a go!

And your life will never be the same again if you try this editor with Evolution Universal Business Website Theme from MotoCMS. It is not just a template. It is a ready-made professional website with a built-in admin panel, allowing any business to go online.

With Evolution from MotoCMS your business will develop into a thriving and profitable establishment in a blink of an eye. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you have not heard the best part yet. Read till the end to learn it!

Professional Business Design for Any Kind of a Website

Professionalism is praised in any field, that is for sure. But it becomes even more crucial for businesses that provide personal services. Customers are picky. Moreover, they are impatient. They want a user-friendly layout and a clear design, even if they do not know that they are. One wrong button in a wrong place, a weird background color, or a slow page loading – and your client is frowning. Do you need that? Definitely, not!
Evolution MotoCMS template will demonstrate to the whole world how seriously you take your business. It will show your customers that you value their time. It will persuade your clients that they have finally found the safe place.

How Evolution Saves Your Budget

Let’s face it – most of us still believe that a good website should be expensive. And “expensive” sometimes equals “unaffordable”. This is particularly true for small private practices. It is also actual for companies who have just entered the business world. You can make a rough calculation of the likely cost for a website yourself. So, who do you need to get started? You need a programmer, a web-designer, a photographer, and a SEO-analyst. Four people. How much will they charge? Well, let’s say, you are lucky to pay each person 100-150$. And then in a couple of weeks you decide to change a few things in your web project. And you pay again. And again…

With Evolution from MotoCMS the situation is completely different. You try this template for free within two weeks. You like it. You pay a reasonable price (and you pay it once!). You get free updates for your website from the world’s major-league professionals.

You can always rely on a team of experienced and free Tech Support. So, do not work to earn money for getting a website. Let Evolution from MotoCMS earn money for you!

Evolution Helps to Spend Your Time Wisely

Just read the reviews for Evolution from MotoCMS. Almost all of them are filled with “save time”, “easy”, and “simple”. “The light in the forest”, “like an oxygen for a human being”, “like a video game” are among our favorites too. And the reviewers are right. Only Evolution from MotoCMS gives you endless opportunities for creativity. You play with the handy drag-and-drop editor, while it is doing all the work.

Moreover, with this simplified editor your website is always ready for a few adjustments. We know how quickly the business world changes. And your website has to keep up with all those changes, right? So, invest in Evolution from MotoCMS and spend your time wisely!

Most Advanced Functionality in One Template

This template boast amazing functionality. Firstly, it contains about 20 ready-to-use pages. And it is more than enough to create a website your business competitors will envy.

Secondly, it is 100% responsive. In other words, no matter what device your clients are using, they still see a professional design and a user-friendly interface.

Thirdly, you can always play dirty, so to say, and add a blog, audio, and video to your web project. As you probably know, most people are either visuals or audials. So your clients will respond better to your content when they are provided with appropriate stimuli. So why not stimulate your clients’ interest a bit more intensive?

And finally, Evolution from MotoCMS is proud to have the integrated SEO. These scary three letters mean that your website will get high Google rankings if you choose Evolution from MotoCMS. Looks like a decent list of pros, wouldn’t you say?

2 Extra Child Pages

Here comes the best part! Evolution contains child pages. It means that instead of one home page, you get three! Yes, you heard it! 3 ready-made home pages. So, you get a regular home page with its universal design. You get another home page tailored for a medical establishment.

3 ready-made home pages

And you get one more home page that will suit even the most sophisticated web development company.

most sophisticated web development company

To cut the long story short, let’s summarize what we have learnt so far. What do you get if you choose Evolution from MotoCMS? You get a super simplified website builder with high-level functionality and 3 stylishly designed home pages. In practice it means that your opportunities for endless creativity have just tripled. You decide what you web site is like, any time you want.

Yes, it can be scary to start something new. It can be scary to have the responsibility for your business. But in the end it is well worth it, isn’t it? Especially, when you can start your online business free of charge.

So don’t be afraid, go ahead and try Evolution by MotoCMS within 14 days without any fees. Test the whole functionality of MotoCMS website creator without any limits, customize your template yourself and buy it out, only if you like the result!

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