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Luminar: Complex Photo Editing Made Easy and Enjoyable


Finding a source of high-quality photos isn’t all that difficult. Gaining access to absolutely stunning, special effects photos for online use can be a different story; and generally requires the use of a photo editor.

  • Edited images in presentation and e-commerce websites are used to attract and engage visitors, increase sales, and encourage visitors to spread the word.
  • Social media campaigns rely on bright, colorful photos to attract and engage viewers.
  • Carefully edited photos also play a major role in freelancers’ portfolios.

No need to settle for washed-out, colorless photos with Luminar in your tool kit.

If you’re looking for a Mac Photo editor that will get the job done, without your spending hours trying to figure out how to use it, here’s some good news for you. There’s a photo editor on the market that’s just right for you. It’s Luminar, the world’s first image editor that adapts to your style and skill level. Apple has recognized Luminar’s creators, Macphun, as “Best of the Year” for the past 5 years.

The Luminar Mac Photo Editor’s Notable Features

Luminar is a standalone image editor Mac users enjoy working with, as will PC users starting in 2017. Although it adapts nicely to your skill level, Luminar is by no means a “bare-bones” application. It introduces more than 300 tools and features and, as pointed out in comparative analysis, more than holds its own against the competition.

The following features are unique to Luminar:

1. Bi-Colored Toning Filter

You’ve probably seen more than one photo without realizing that bicolor filtering was partially responsible for the stunning effects. You can do some amazing things with the Luminar Bi-Colored Toning Filter, and have some fun in the process. One filter color is applied to the top of an image, a second to the bottom. The colors can be adjusted in various ways, and preset.


2. Color Balance Filter

The Color Balance Filter comes in handy when you want to add shadows, mid-tones, or highlights of one kind or another to an image. This filter is often used to add emphasis to an image’s realistic appearance, or to transform the image into something quite unusual.

3. Channel Mixer

With the Channel Mixer, the Red, Green, and Blue channels can be adjusted to fine tune an image or to produce a creative effect. The channel mixer is frequently used to highlight a certain area in a landscape photo, or to remove distant haze. Channel mixing can be employed to create powerful special effects on monochrome images.

4. An Adaptive UI for Varied User Styles and Skill Levels

Some software applications provide exactly what you need. The only problem is, you must first adapt to their interface to make that happen. This Mac image editor’s UI adapts to you. As a result, both the basic editing functions, and those most frequently used, are intuitive. A little more effort will be required on your part to perform some of the more complex tasks, but any of the advanced features you may have to call upon are easily accessed.

General purpose functions, frequently used functions, adjustment tools, and other editing tools are conveniently displayed in the UI’s toolbars and side bar.

5. Workspaces

Workspaces is a feature in this image editor Mac that users will enjoy and appreciate. Workspaces are collections of tools particularly suited for specific types of photographs. They include one-click preset effects, existing presets designed to make life easier for new users; brushing, masking, and non-destructive editing features; and more.

6. Blend Mode for Filters

The Luminar Interface

The filter blending capabilities featured in this image editor give you unlimited possibilities as to what you can do with an image, by bringing one or more of the following features into play.

You can darken the base by increasing the Red, Green, or Blue channel contrast (Color Burn), or lighten the base on a per-channel basis. Black pixels can be removed from a layer, or pixels can be overlaid while preserving highlights and shadows.

Soft Light and Hard Light functions project a diffused spotlight or a harsh spotlight, respectfully, on the image. Hue, color, and luminosity can also be adjusted. The color function is used to preserve gray levels; an extremely useful feature for coloring and tinting.

Features found in most top-quality editing tools are present in this image editor as well: crop and transform; noise reduction; non-destructive editing; object removal capabilities; and support for JPEG, TIFF, and the other popular files.

There is obviously much to learn; but the authors of this Mac image editor have done everything possible to make your learning path an easy one to follow.

Holiday Special

If you’re on the lookout for a great Holiday special, and you also happen to be looking for a versatile photo editor for Mac users, you’ve hit the jackpot:

319€ worth of photo editing goodies is yours for 59€!

This Holiday Season is a great time to join Luminar’s Creative Community.

Their Holiday special includes:

  • Luminar for Mac; marked down from 69€, to 59€.
  • 3 Andrew Gibson Mastering Photography e-books (40€) – Free.
  • 50 Sky Replacement Overlays (150€) – Free.
  • Creative Photos Preset Pack (30€) – Free.
  • Shooting Desert Videos Tutorial (30€) – Free.

What People are Saying About Luminar

“Luminar is a welcome addition to my digital toolbox. Even a software guru like me found that my control-freak expectations were met or exceeded. Highly recommended for all photographers who have a Mac, and are looking for more options to change the look of their photos or fix tough problems with precise manual control.” – Richard Harrington, Photofocus publisher.

“Finally, a creative editing software with an intuitive layout that is simple to use, and helps me create unique looking images. Luminar is a great addition to my workflow – I can drop in images and be confident I can quickly turnaround a cool image ready for sharing.” – Matt Granger, world class photographer and educator.

“Luminar is a fantastic RAW editor packed full of innovative features: the layer-based editing is extremely powerful and flexible; the workspaces can be customized to perfectly reflect my editing workflow; and, a plethora of filters enable ultimate creative control.” – Will Burrand Lucas, award winning wildlife photographer.

Find out more about this super photo editor!


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