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Is Email Marketing Important For e-Commerce?

Enhancing revenue off your e-commerce business requires tactful planning and timely execution of ideas and strategies. Combined knowledge of what to do and when to do it is essential if you want to take your business to the “next level”. E-commerce market has grown exponentially over the past few decades with more businesses springing up every day. Presently majority of businesses are preferring internet marketing over other means. Why? Well, the reasons are simple and justified – more people, wider audience.

Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing Strategy
Ground Marketing although sounds intimidating and effective but its effects aren’t as long lasting as internet marketing! Firstly because ground marketing isn’t repetitive, you see a poster or a bill board and you move on. With E-marketing, your product or service can be reinforced on your potential customers by bringing it up on their laptop screens every time they visit a website. Secondly, internet marketing doesn’t cost much as compared to the expenses related to ground marketing. The printing costs, transportation expenses, bill boards’ rents and much more just make ground marketing for small and medium sized businesses almost impossible.

Build e-Commerce Marketing Strategy

e-Commerce Marketing Strategy
E-commerce revenue is associated to your website’s traffic and people tend to ignore any such posters or pamphlets that direct them to something to visit online. Yes, people are lazy and as a marketing strategist your job is to build a strategy that caters to this. Now Internet marketing is a broad term as it can involve social media marketing, email marketing, websites ads and much more. So what is the most effective tool out of all these mentioned above? Well, all of them! The need of a particular tool depends upon your business needs and requirements. For some small businesses, social media marketing would be enough to direct maximum audience to their website. For some, posting ads would be essential as well.

Email Marketing Strategy
However one strategy that addresses to the needs of maximum businesses is email marketing. Email Marketing is basically emailing your product or service’s recent updates and developments to your old and potential customers. This allows a one to one interaction between the client and the provider online in which the client can clear any queries or doubts regarding any product or service emailed to them.

Email Marketing & Website Traffic

Email Marketing & Website Traffic
Emails aren’t going to go anywhere and smart investors and business men and women know this. They realize that the emailing list is a business asset to their company that can benefit their business in countless number of ways. These email lists are transferred and given to various email marketing service providers. Also, once you want to sell your business your email lists will also add value to your business and would be sold along as well. Undoubtedly, email lists add significant value to a business as they hold all your previous customers or people that are enthusiastic about your product and service and can use it in the very near future.

Increasing website traffic is a troublesome and difficult task if approached in the wrong fashion but with the right strategy, it can be really simple and effective altogether. Email marketing is the most effective option to increase the traffic due to the following reasons:

Email marketing is much more personal for a customer as you take your product or service to the customer’s most private place – their inbox. Social media platforms are too scattered in terms of marketing and wouldn’t notify your customer about a particular update.

Learn About Google Policies & SEO Trends

Google Policies & SEO Trends
Presently climbing the Google ranking ladder is getting harder and harder as Google has devalued all the previous SEO practices used by many businesses such as keyword-based anchor text, paid links and other similar linking strategies. For a new business it takes time to get a good repute on Google Ranking therefore investing in PPC ads to build the mailing list is a good option.

Improve Your Website Content

Improve Your Website Content
Content Marketing is a technique introduced in the marketing world that aims to draw attention to a product or service by delivering content relevant to it that creates a buzz for the brand. Email marketing goes hand in hand with Content Marketing therefore generating a mailing list is essential so that there aren’t just one time visits to your website anymore.

Never Forget Your Old Customers

Never Forget Your Old Customers
Email marketing helps build a relationship with your potential customers and clients by being in touch with them on regular basis. You can regularly interact with your customers and get their feedback on your products and services. This will maintain and strengthen your relationship with them over time as most people (68 percent clients) tend to buy new products from brands they are familiar with already.


In spite of all the benefits of email marketing, you should be careful not to spam the inbox of your customer as it will deteriorate their trust on your authenticity and will make them loose their interest from you as you will seem too desperate.

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