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27 New Creative Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Design Examples


Modern, creative and professionally designed corporate branding and visual identity logo design examples for inspiration. Business identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from your competitors and the key elements of visual identity set is presentation folder, letterhead, envelope, compliment slip, corporate flyer and business card.

We are already showcased thousands of business logo design and business cards (free and premium collection) that will help you to spark creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today we’ve shared another beautiful collection of branding, visual identity and logo design created by professional designers and graphic design agencies from all over the web.

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Beautiful Brands and Branding Designs

Hand-picked collection of branding, visual identity and stationery designs for inspiration. All examples are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Litterbox Branding By Maurizio Pagnozzi

Branding: Litterbox - Logo design
Branding: Litterbox - Stationary Items
Branding: Litterbox - Business Card
Branding: Litterbox - Packaging Design


Personal Branding By José Augusto Hykavy

Branding: Personal - Logo design
Branding: Personal - Stationary Items
Branding: Personal - Business Card


Caribou Coffee Re-Brand By Ashbel Ong

Branding: Caribou Coffee - Logo design
Branding: Caribou Coffee - Stationary Items
Branding: Caribou Coffee - Business Card


Maretimos Visual Identity By Dmitry Leonov

Branding: Maretimos - Logo design
Branding: Maretimos - Stationary Items
Branding: Maretimos - Business Card
Branding: Maretimos - Packaging Design


Papadakis Bros Branding By Luminous Design Group

Branding: Papadakis Bros - Logo design
Branding: Papadakis Bros - Stationary Items
Branding: Papadakis Bros - Business Card


Muhendisler Branding By Tom Cavenau

Branding: Muhendisler - Logo design
Branding: Muhendisler - Stationary Items
Branding: Muhendisler - Business Card


HUL Branding By Adewale Abdulrahmon

Branding:  HUL- Logo design
Branding: HUL - Stationary Items
Branding:  HUL- Business Card


Stemshop Branding By Nina Gorelik

Branding: Stemshop - Logo design
Branding: Stemshop - Stationary Items
Branding: Stemshop - Business Card


Azure Brand Identity By Anuja Kanani

Branding: Azure - Logo design
Branding: Azure - Stationary Items
Branding: Azure - Business Card
Branding: Azure - Packaging Design


Specialty Coffee Branding By Peter Culkin

Branding: Specialty Coffee - Logo design
Branding: Specialty Coffee - Stationary Items
Branding: Specialty Coffee - Packaging Design


HOLOFORGE Interactive Branding By Maurizio Pagnozzi

Branding: HOLOFORGE - Logo design
Branding: HOLOFORGE - Stationary Items
Branding: HOLOFORGE - Business Card


Lawrence Rhoad Branding By Cristian Lawrence

Branding: Lawrence Rhoad - Logo design
Branding: Lawrence Rhoad - Business Card


etana BioTech Branding By Calvin Hui

Branding: etana BioTech - Logo design
Branding: etana BioTech - Stationary Items
Branding: etana BioTech - Business Card


Brothers Killombo Branding By Duarte Pereira

Branding: Brothers Killombo - Logo design
Branding: Brothers Killombo - Stationary Items
Branding: Brothers Killombo - Business Card


Agora Brandin by Visar Isufi

Branding: Agora - Logo design
Branding: Agora - Stationary Items
Branding: Agora - Business Card


Eletromidia Branding By Gabriel M. Ramos

Branding: Eletromidia - Logo design
Branding: Eletromidia - Stationary Items
Branding: Eletromidia - Business Card
Branding: Eletromidia - Billboard Design


Raccaro’s Barber Visual Identity By Miguel Angélus Batista

Branding: Raccaro's Barber - Logo design
Branding: Raccaro's Barber - Business Card
Branding:  Raccaro's Barber - Packaging Design


HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS Branding By Erretres Strategy Design Company

Branding: HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS - Logo design
Branding: HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS - Stationary Items
Branding: HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS - Business Card
Branding: HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS - Packaging Design
Branding: HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS - Website Design


Advoga Branding and Website By Bradda Design

Branding:  Advoga- Logo design
Branding: Advoga - Business Card
Branding: Advoga - Website Design


MIGNANI S.R.L. Branding By Perkapita Comunicacion Creativa

Branding: MIGNANI S.R.L. - Logo design
Branding: MIGNANI S.R.L. - Stationary Items
Branding: MIGNANI S.R.L. - Business Card
Branding: MIGNANI S.R.L. - Website Design


Appointz Branding & Identity By Khevin Mituti

Branding: Appointz - Logo design
Branding: Appointz - Business Card


Jane Morris Visual Identity Design By Jennifer Mendonca

Branding: Jane Morris - Logo design
Branding: Jane Morris - Stationary Items
Branding: Jane Morris - Business Card


Biolosko Drustvo Visual Identity By Dor?e Vukojevic

Branding: Biolosko Drustvo - Logo design
Branding: Biolosko Drustvo - Stationary Items
Branding: Biolosko Drustvo - Business Card


Weaveworks Branding By Hamlet Auyeung

Branding: Weaveworks - Logo design
Branding: Weaveworks - Stationary Items
Branding: Weaveworks - Website Design


NOVA Branding By TRÜF Creative

Branding: NOVA - Logo design
Branding: NOVA - Stationary Items
Branding: NOVA - Business Card


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