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How to get to a 4-Hour Workday by having 260+ pre-built websites


You might have heard a lot about making money doing practically nothing. Or how working from home a few hours a day can put an end to your financial problems. In most cases, it’s either hype, or it’s a scam designed to relieve you of some of your hard-earned cash.

For talented freelancers, like yourself, making living while working only 4 hours a day is not a hype. It is not only possible, but it can be easier than you might think.

Your intuition might suggest otherwise, but you really can make more by working less. It takes nothing more but a single click to make that happen.

Be Theme Cuts Down Your Schedule in 1 Second Flat

Being able to do more, and in less time, isn’t all that difficult. What makes the difference is when much of the work you’ve usually had to do yourself has already been done for you. That’s precisely the purpose of having a Be Theme pre-built website to work with.

This Top 5 ThemeForest best seller WordPress Themes has more than 260 pre-built websites. They cover nearly that many different themes, businesses, or niches. Moreover, each of them can be installed with a single click. This cool 40-second video demonstrates how easy they are to work with.

Just do your necessary customizing and voila! You have a beautiful, fully-functioning website ready to deliver in nothing flat.

Here are 10 Most-Common Types of Clients You’ll Win Over with Be Theme

For Clients Who Sell eLearning Courses: Be eLearning

Be eLearning

Building an eLearning platform, or a website that advertises online courses, could be a challenge. That’s not the case when you’re starting point is Be eLearning. This pre-built website gives you a head start in delivering a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive website that gives clients in this niche precisely what they want.

For Small Business Clients: Be Craftbeer

Be Craftbeer

Be Craftbeer can be used as a basis for any small business. Conceptually, it’s an ideal starting point for a client selling a handcraftet product or product line. Large images, neat JavaScript effects, and the overall structure lead the way to create a genuine sales magnet.

For Clients in the Interior Design & Architecture Business:  Be Tiles

Be Tiles

Getting a job from a client whose business you know little about can be frustrating. If that business happens to be architecture or interior design, the Be Titles pre-built website will lead the way to building a website that shows your client that you know and value their line of work.

For Those Who Work in Creative Industries: Be Artist

Be Artist

Artists and creative types thrive on innovation. They expect a website created for them to live up to their tastes and standards. Be Artist, with its ease in customization, its parallax scrolling, and JavaScript portfolio filtering, will give them everything they ask for, and more.

For Clients in the Food Service and Catering Industries:  Be Burger

Be Burger

The fact that the food service and catering sectors are super competitive, means your clients in these niches want YOU to deliver websites that will set them apart from the competition. Mouth-watering images, well-structured approach, and easy-to-order forms are key. Be Burger offers these and more.

For Fitness and Wellness Industry Clients: Be Sports Club

Be Sports Club

The Be Sports Club pre-built website gives you a modern design with parallax effects and eye-catching animations integrated into its pages. Health and fitness clients will line up when they see what you can do to promote their businesses.

For Those Working in the Travel and Lodging Industry: Be Hotel2

Be Hotel2

Be Hotel2 is exactly the right pick when you need to impress some of the top-paying clients you’re apt to encounter in your web design/development career. The superb use of images and perfectly structured sections are precisely what these high-end businesses look for and need.

For Restaurant or Bistro Owners: Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant

Whether it’s a Michelin-star restaurant at a destination resort, or the quaint bistro across town, Be Restaurant, with its engaging slider effect, is the perfect solution to your having to satisfy a variety of clients’ needs and tastes.

For Your IT Clients: Be VPN


Just like artists and creators, startup owners value innovation above all else. It’s not at all difficult to please them with Be VPN as your starting point. You can put together a professional-looking, clean and structured corporate website, with a human touch, in no time at all.

For Clients Selling Luxury Cars: Be Car

Be Car

Client’s selling high-end luxury automobiles aren’t apt to be pleased if you don’t deliver a website that reflects the clean lines and elegance of the products they sell. Be Car’s engaging hero image, smart use of white space, and a clean, well-structured design is exactly what they want.

So, What’s Keeping You Away from Your Dream?

What is keeping you away from your dream? Maybe you are just procrastinating.  Or perhaps, you keep finding one reason or another why it’s safest to cling to the path you are on.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy the life you want some time in the future. Like most people, you are in your own comfort zone, and you are naturally resistant to change.

However, change isn’t always hard. In fact, for a web designer/developer, it can be ridiculously easy. As you’ve just seen, working faster and, at the same time, producing better products, isn’t difficult. Once you’ve established yourself on your new path, profitable clients will line up at your door.

Can you charge more? You certainly can, once you’re in demand. Working half the time for twice the money has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


No more excuses. It’s time to take the leap. It’s not a long one, as it involves little more than installing a Be Theme website – which takes nothing but a click. Before you even think about possibly changing your mind, and going back to your old ways, you’ll be off and running.

If you have a client waiting in the wings, use this opportunity! It’s possible to deliver a beautiful, fully-responsive website just in 4 hours. Life suddenly becomes a lot more fun – for both of you!

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