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Maximizing Marketing Videos (Tips & Tricks)

If you are a growing brand or business who want to engage your target audience, creating a marketing video is one sure-fire way to propel your business forward. Visual content is a key factor in connecting and reaching out to customers at a much deeper level. With the proliferation of online video content, you need to stand above the rest without sacrificing your brand’s identity.

This short guide gives the reasons why your business should use marketing videos, the types of videos that your company can make, and gives some tips on what to avoid in creating promotional videos.

Why You Should Use Marketing Videos?

Why You Should Use Marketing Videos?

Several studies have been conducted, all highlighting the same results – you need an engaging video to capture your audience’s attention. Here are the reasons why:

  • Studies have shown that the typical attention span of a person browsing online is on the average, only eight seconds long. Data shows that users allot 88% more of their time on a website with video content.
  • Because they only have limited time, the majority of CEOs and executives that were recently surveyed prefer to watch videos about a product or service versus reading text.
  • Websites that contain videos on their landing pages reach up to 800% in their conversion rate versus a landing page that does not contain video content.

Types of Videos You can make

Types of Videos You can make

If you don’t know where to begin, here is a simple guide to the different kinds of videos that you can make:

1. Brand Introduction Video

A brand introduction video tells your company’s story. Rather than people making assumptions about your brand, it is a great idea to let the public know what your philosophy is and what your company stands for.  What’s even better is if you can get testimonials from satisfied clients.

2. Walk-Through Video

This type of video is more commonly called a How-To video. This video can give a concrete demonstration of how to use your product.

3. Promotional Videos

These types of videos give pertinent information about upcoming events, product launches, and press releases. An excellent promotional video sparks the viewer’s curiosity, making them want to know your product more.

What to Avoid in Creating Video Content

Avoid in Creating Video Content

If you want to create great content, you can opt to use a promotional video maker. There are many digital video services available online. However, you should choose a service that already artfully combines first-rate footage, excellent music that is already licensed and engaging copy. I would suggest going for this website Motion Array for thousands of convenient stock videos. They should be able to provide the ultimate convenience for the user of the content and deliver remarkable and concrete results.

Here are some things to avoid in creating video content:

What to Avoid in Creating Video Content

Too much content

You need to be able to focus and just give the most important and most relevant information on your video.  If there are too many ideas and visual stimuli crammed into one video, it will most likely lose its potency and will only create confusion.

Too much factual information

A promotional video is very different from a brochure.  Of course, you can give out significant information about your company, but remember that the ultimate goal of a video is to target the emotions of the viewers.  The main intent of creating videos is not only to educate but more so to spark interest and create meaningful conversations.

Lack of call to action

All the beautiful content of your video will be laid to waste if it doesn’t have a concrete and very clear call to action.  The video should feature what kind of action you want the viewers to make with regards to your product.

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