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How to Choose the Best Design for Your Blog

Selecting a design is the intermediate step to writing a blog. It serves to capture the reader so that one can be interested in reading through the entire blog. Therefore, the person who reads will be most likely captivated by the layout and information on the site. Take, for example, if you want more students to buy an essay online from your website, it would be worthwhile to make a blog that targets college and high school goers. Making the blog eye-catching to lure more visitors. Note that more people visiting the websites would directly correlate to more subscriptions; thus more individuals sharing in the social media platform.

Choosing the Best Design

Selecting a template is crucial to successful blog writing. If you are a bit confused, utilize google to find a solution to your problem. You can type the platform you are using alongside the word ‘theme’ and you will get numerous results based on the search. You will get a variety of themes will pop up on the first page, both free and premium ones. No doubt, if you want quality and appealing template, go for the premium. The cost should not halt you from getting the best thing.

If you need high quality then paid themes will offer exactly that. However, it does not translate that all premium themes are quality and are worth buying. First, you should figure out your needs concerning template. The theme that you will choose will make your content glimmer, and that is the key thing you should consider. For example, take a look at Microsoft blogs. Each one has a unique layout to match the intended audience. Also, Forbes’ blogs are very easy to read and information are often direct and comprehensible.  Some of the questions that you can ask yourself firsthand are as below:

  • Are you able to capture crucial information while reading through your blog?
  • Do you think it will be easier for a visitor to read your content chronologically?
  • Is it better or possible to fragment the blog content into categories?
  • DO you intend to market products on the homepage?

Answering the above queries will act as a recipe for creating the best design. Gather all ingredients that are required for a blog so that it can have a powerful impact on the reader. The simple way is placing yourself in the reader’s shoes. For example, take a look at the Sartorialist fashion blog site, it has big pictures since it intends to demonstrate its products. Therefore, the big picture is a prerequisite for such blogs. However, if your blog is more focused on text rather than images, it is crucial to go for a theme design that emphasizes script content. Also, plugin use would function to supplement your theme of choice. For example, in WordPress, there is a higher probability of getting a plugin that would supplement your theme.

When it comes to creating websites or blog that not only look visually appealing but also function seamlessly, a website development consultant is the go-to professional for achieving the best design. As a development consultant, their expertise in coding languages, UX design, SEO, performance optimization, and security best practices allows them to create websites that are not only visually stunning, but also user-friendly and aligned with the client’s business objectives.

They understand the importance of balancing aesthetics with functionality to create best design bogs that provide an optimal user experience. By staying up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies, a website developers ensures that the website’s design is modern, engaging, and effective in capturing and retaining the attention of visitors. With their guidance and expertise, clients can be confident in achieving a website design that not only looks great, but also performs flawlessly.

Why a Better Design?

The design is a basic requirement to blogging. Visitors would easily memorize your blog based on the design and they would frequently visit it. The majority will maintain visiting, even subscribe to it, frequently return, and share it with others on the social media platform.

A Recap of Steps to Better Design

Blog Platform

Blogging Platform

Picking the right blog platform is the first step. WordPress, for example, offers a wide variety design possibilities and it will help you make your blog look pretty. If you would want to save some money, then WordPress is the way to go. It is an open-source and many people are acquainted with it. Therefore, you will not need to pay anyone to help you design your site since you can do it all alone.

Great Theme

Blog Theme

The appearance is fundamental. Make yourself familiar with themes present in your platform in the admin section as it contains numerous design options to select. Choose the one that best suits your blog topic. Consider editing your blog’s header logo as well as widgets present in the sidebars. You are free to test various themes, but most importantly, go for premium ones since they offer more captivating factor as compared to free ones.

Responsive Blog Design

Responsive blog design

More people access the internet via their phones as compared to desktop. Therefore, it is crucial to make your template very responsive to accommodate every user. Search for a template that is responsive. Avoid unresponsive ones.

Page Builder

Page builder

It is crucial to pick a theme that you love without much editing options. You will be ready to go after activation. Otherwise, if you are uncomfortable with it, you can do some coding to change the outlook. If you do not have the coding ability, select the drag-and-drop ones to avoid stressful CSS and coding.

Font and Sizes

Fonts and Sizes

They will have a direct impact on your visitors as they read through your blog. With increasing screen resolutions, make your text more readable. The larger the font sizes the easier it is for your readers to read through your blog. Sans-Serif, for example, is best suited for digital texts. Minimum font size should be 16pt. Moreover, you can even consider 20pt+ font size to achieve a better outcome.

Color Palettes

Color Palettes

It can either make your blog pots or break it. If you are going to make changes to the color of the theme then ensure that you are good at it. However, most themes often come with color themes, and you can use it as it is. Select a great looking palettes if at all you are interested in customizing the color outlook.

Easy to Load

Easy to Load

The need for speed is crucial. Most visitors will choose those sites that are easy to access while ignoring ones that are hard to load. The design itself has a significant effect on the accessibility issue. While designing, make speed a basic factor depending on the content of the blog. Users would easily go for sites that load within seconds and ignore those that take too long to load. In short, simplicity matters in design as it will determine the loading swiftness. Also, make it easy to the user’s eyes and muddle free, which is a characteristic of modern blogs. It can be attained through eliminating redundant elements that do not add anything to the site. Also, focus on buttons that add greater value to your blog such as social media sharing capability.

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