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Create Interactive Page Flip Magazines & eBooks with FlipHTML5


Technology has changed the way we live, think and communicate. It therefore follows quite naturally if technology also has an effect on the way we read. Reading digital documents is also becoming increasingly necessary and more and more virtual books or “eBooks” are becoming available on various platforms like mobile devices. The most prevalent method of rendering eBooks was in the PDF format. However, HTML5 came along and has started replacing PDF as the best platform for publishing e-papers and eBooks. FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing platform enable designers and marketers create HTML5 flipbooks from PDF documents.

Below, we consider four reasons why HTML5 is being chosen over PDF.

1. Inconvenience

Portable Document Format files, when introduced, were very popular as a highly compatible file format and were exceedingly convenient for most readers. However, at present, PDF has become rather dull and unresponsive to the user’s input when used online. A HTML5 magazine can be easily read and accessed online.

2. Smoothness

PDF files have some pronounced difficulties when it comes to using them online, especially when e-paper links are concerned. Using an HTML5-link is the optimal option, given its characteristic fast and easy access. The HTML5 format is streamlined for modern browsers and mobile devices.

3. Mobile friendly

HTML5 is great for combining the printed originals and the digital PDF file to produce a replica which does not need any design modification. The published HTML5 eBooks can give readers the ultimate reading experience as well as compatibility options on a number of devices. Your contents can be viewed on nearly all devices, include desktop, tablet, iPad and iPhone.

4. Beautiful and professional templates

Unlike Adobe Acrobat reader, the primary software used with PDF files, FlipHTML5 epublishing software has a lot of templates styles and options to choose from. Anything from a professional look to an elegant and gorgeous look can be achieved without any additional plug-ins. The user friendly interface is a bonus, as it allows users to explore different styles and apply them without any difficulty.

The above points highlight the reasons why there is a sudden shift from PDF to HTML5 flipbook.  FlipHTML5 allows designers and marketers to turn well designed PDF files into responsive flipbooks that can be accessed on all devices.

Publishing Features

  1. Online Editor: FlipHTML5’s Online Editor offers powerful functions for publishers to enrich eBook with rich media and animation. After uploading a PDF document to FlipHTML5 cloud, publishers are able to add multimedia (video, link, audio, images) to the books with Online Editor directly, no download and installation is needed.
  1. Bookcase: Another standout feature, FlipHTML5 lets you create a virtual bookcase for categorizing published eBooks and storing them for website embedment. With plenty of colourful and elegant options to choose from, it provides users with the necessary tools to create as many bookcases as he or she wants. A customized logo can also be added.
  1. Subscriptions: Personalization is a big part of working online, even more so when it comes to one’s subscribers. FlipHTML5 publishers have the ability to publish online friendly eBooks and e-papers which automatically notifies subscribers with new updates.
  1. Social share: Sharing has become an online action with a lot of importance. Not only do people share what they like online but it is a great way for engaging readers. Digital publications made by FlipHTMl5 can easily be shared on social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  1. Personalized homepage: The ability to create and customize homepages according to the preferences of the user is achieved by using FlipHTML5. Apart from the fact that the user interface is very easy and responsive, it creates a very easy way of creating and publishing an ebook with an appealing homepage.

Marketing Features

  1. Add brand logo/watermark: With advanced branding options, users can add their logo or trademark on top of each publication they produce. This has immense implications for branding strategies.
  1. Email publications to subscribers: For many publishers, they make publications for brand promoting, hoping to spread their contents and products via email. FlipHTML5 allows users deliver their publications to the inbox of the readers.
  1. SEO friendly: HTML5 Flipbook contents can be published in a way that allows easy indexing by Google and other major search engines around the world. It basically works as a website or content blog, acting as a suitable SEO vehicle.

Besides the aforementioned features, FlipHTML5 also has interactive, monetization, mobile, cloud, and even multi-output options, making it the complete publishing and marketing tool available in the market.  For more information, visit their website.

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