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Coinlayer: A Trusted API Data Source for Cryptocurrency Statistics

Coinlayer API is the globally accepted source for data on cryptocurrency. The exchange rates are updated in real time using the JSON API infrastructure. It is a worldwide trusted resource for those trading in the crypto market. Coinlayer provides access to rates from 25 exchanges and covers more than 385 coins.

Not only is Coinlayer a tool for looking up the performances of various crypto coins but it is also where you can get unique insights displayed instantly on your screen. The tool shows you the highest and lowest exchange rate for the coin as well as the volume in which it has been traded so far. You can also know the capacity for the coin with the click of a button.

If you build your website using the Coinlayer API then you can be confident in knowing that a reliable, accurate and consistent cryptocurrency exchange rate source is powering your website. It can instantly retrieve the data for over 385 different currencies from over 25 exchanges across the globe. The API is backed up by a number of rock-solid exchange providers which guarantees its high level of accuracy.

With the Coinlayer you do not only have access to the latest exchange rates, but you can see how they developed by sending a query for the historical data. The resource maintains a record of all data from 2011 onwards. The API is hosted by a powerful cloud infrastructure which is always available and can fetch data in a matter of a few milliseconds. The source is secured by 256-bit HTTPS security encryption providing the highest grade of protection for all requests and responses sent to and from Coinlayer.

Coinlayer API has its own dedicated support team which is always available to resolve any issues or guide the customers with any technical difficulties they might be experiencing. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. The API was built keeping the developers mind and providing a resource that is easy-to-use and delivers a consistent performance. The request and response structure use the REST API format. Coinlayer is an extensive data source with interactive displays with a 20-millisecond response time. Integration guides are available for the developers using this infrastructure for the first time.

Coinlayer API does not charge a high monthly fee for a minimal monthly quota. They are dedicated to serving their clients no matter what the size of their company. From freelancers to large corporations, we have a package for all types of customers. Not only that but we also offer unlimited customer support to all those who sign up with us.

The Coinlayer API is a product of the apiplayer company which is dedicated to providing service software products and developing reliable API. They provide developer-friendly products that can be used by small, medium and large-scale enterprises. Their products serve a niche market and are reliable resources for all customers given the affordable and reasonable pricing scheme.

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