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How Graphic Designers Prepare Themselves for 2020

Technology develops in a matter of weeks, days and even seconds! In the last five years, the development of digital technology has grown so rapidly and in the next five years, some companies may have to adapt to radical changes in the future. If we talk about digital technology, we can’t let go of the design world from it. Today, the majority of designers work on digital technology, enabling them to produce works with high accuracy.

The Prediction

Prediction 2020

Many experts in the design field predict that virtual reality and automation in the design world will be more prominent than before. New tools discovered and mobile gadgets have driven hundreds of millions of people in the past 10 years. New designers sprung up and the age standard for working up the career ladder will get younger. Many older designers will feel threatened when they see that young designers are increasingly able to produce works that a few years ago could only be created through years of experience and tons of homework needed. In other words, digital design technology has made it easier for almost all aspects.

2020 May be a Virtual Golden Age

2020 May be a Virtual Golden Age

Any designer who really wants to compete in the future should make the decision to anticipate radical changes or better create a completely new hybrid to anticipate future market needs. So … what should they prepare for years to come? What should they prepare to say for the next 2 years, 2020? 2020, for some renowned designers, is a point of transformation between ancient design values and the modern ones. It may be a virtual golden age, as computer technology continues to grow from day to day, marked by the widespread application of Artificial Intelligence on the latest devices.

Creativity May Come “unlimited”

Creativity May Come unlimited

Many computer experts predict that the design can be realized in more fields, including how to design animation models that can manifest a real look like the original objects. A design project may involve more aspects as well as more disciplines. This is a future demand if you as a designer really want to keep up with thousands or tens of thousands of young designers who carry a myriad of modern technology in their pockets.

Understanding the Value and Mission of the Company

Value and Mission 2020

Every designer in the future must be able to understand the value and mission of the company where he works to realize a work that can truly compete, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Only in this way can they bring unique values that differentiate them from their competitors. Technology on the one hand does make things easier, but on the other hand, it tends to blunt individual abilities.

3D Printing brings New Challenges

3D Printing brings New Challenges

3D printing has revolutionized the design world so far. The printing technology has made it easier for customers so that they can order any product and of any size. This is a loud bell for designers who have not mastered this latest technology. In the coming 2020, 3D printing technology is forecast to reach its peak and every designer who ignores this might regret it.


What can be concluded is that the combination of creativity, adjustment to the values and mission and adaptation to the latest technologies is the basic capital for every designer to meet 2020, the virtual golden age!

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