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How to create WP websites that follow the latest website trends

Incorporating the latest trends into their work keeps web designers busy, and 2018 looks to be one of the busiest years yet. The importance of following the latest trends can at times be overly-hyped, but it’s still important to keep up to date to stay competitive.

Keeping current often requires a good deal of time and effort, not to mention the extra work involved in actually implementing a “hot” trend’s features.

Fortunately, there’s a WordPress theme that’s already done the heavy lifting for you. Be Theme’s 360+ pre-built websites have taken past and present themes well into account in their designs, including the stunning examples of the 8 creative design trends described below.

8 Creative Design Trends & How They Can Easily be Put to Use

Design Trend #1: Illustration & Graphic Art

Graphic and custom art is “in” with web designers these days. Watercolor illustrations that feature a vintage look are particularly popular in that they convey a feeling of relaxation and serve as a reminder of good times gone by.




Bold fonts stand out. They attract attention and when used wisely, as is the case here, they do not distract from the images. Serifs are back in favor, so don’t hesitate to use them.


Design Trend #2: Cool Combinations of Light, Shadows,& Smoke

Working with light, shadows, and smoke is fun and can produce some truly intriguing results. Smoke, in particular, can introduce a totally different set of vibes to what is being portrayed. The emotional and often romantic effects that can be created make this design trend especially appropriate for use in music- and dance-themed websites.

Whether the message is soulful,


something more dynamic,


or a little sultry or sensual.


Design Trend #3: Gradients/Color Transitions

It wasn’t all that long ago that bold, electric colors ruled. Today, gradients have taken their place. Gradients tend to work well with other design trends; especially so when used with pastel colors.



Design Trend #4: 3D “Moving” Stills

3D is the new “must have” trend for many web designers and their clients. Producing an illusion of motion using stills is not without its challenges but the results can be immensely rewarding because of their tendency to put the mind at play.

Whether the illusion is that of flowing motion –


or coveys a “blossoming” appearance, like this.


The 3D Moving Still trend is unique in that it encourages a merging of various textures or gradients, playing with light and shadows, and using negative space. Combining this trend with others can produce some interesting and often extraordinary results.

Design Trend #5: 2018 Still Life

The Still Life trend will always be a favorite. It can be tweaked or upgraded, however; especially when a client is looking for a 3D effect.


Photographic images coupled with a judicious use of white space can make people sit up and take notice, as illustrated in the following two examples.



Design Trend #6: Metallic Shine

Looking for a touch of glamour? The Metallic Shine trend has it in spades. This trend has not only come into vogue, it is somewhat of a craze, due in part to the fact that it works extremely well in a variety of industry and business niches.

Whether the niche has an artistic flavor,


or is strictly nuts and bolts.


Metallic shine goes well with 3D elements, many photographic images, most typographic styles, and anywhere a touch of glamour would spice up a web page.

Design Trend #7: Chaotic Typography

Perfect alignment has more than its share of web design devotees. Typographic chaos has its followers as welland can have much more appeal when smartly put to use.

This trend provides an opportunity to be a bit playful with numbers and letters and lends itself to creating eye-catching designs and experiences.



Chaos has its limits of course, and it’s important to keep sound UX principles in mind when applying this trend.

Making users take a few milliseconds to decipher your message is fine. Just don’t make them have to think too hard. Not everyone loves a challenge!


Design Trend #8: Brutalism is Back

This trend was popular in the 1930s and 40s. Subtlety was out and shouting was in as an accepted way to gain someone’s attention. Brutalism lets you address your audience in a clear, straightforward, no-nonsense fashion. There are limits of course, and you should be careful not to overdo it is some situations – e.g., large underlined red letters, all caps, and with exclamation points.



Here’s a wrap-up of the latest 2018 trends. Hopefully, these examples will give you some good ideas for putting these latest 2018 trends to good use in your projects.

Learn new techniques and have fun doing so by:

  • Going full creative using graphic art and illustrations with a vintage look
  • Experimenting with light, shadow, and smoke
  • Using color transitions/gradients, and combining them with other trends
  • Creating moving stills to provide a hypnotizing effect; challenging but rewarding
  • Using 3D or photographs to produce still life effects; many clients love this design approach
  • Incorporate metallic elements to spice up your designs or to add a touch of glamour
  • Getting right to the point by using brutalism to convey a strong message
  • Using Be Theme’s pre-built websites. They offer the best easiest and best way to follow each and every one of these trends, and you won’t burn yourself out in the process.
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