University Logos. Who And How Creates Logos For It?

University Logos. Who And How Creates Logos For It?
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Creating a university logo is not easy. Many schools are engaged in this year. After all, everyone is well aware that the logo is one of the most important things for the first presentation of the university.

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How do colleges stay in business? The answer is – good branding. Academic institutions with a good brand tend to be the most popular choices for applicants. Today, every college, university or school tries to create a brand, which is usually used across multiple marketing channels and campaigns such as social media, website, print materials, TV, clothes, etc. So, it is vital for schools to have a clear and powerful branding strategy as big brands have no difficulty attracting new applicants. But, building and developing a brand is no easy feat as the brand should be stylish, catchy and vibrant. Unique and eye-catchy logo design can help the university stand out from the crowd.

University of Manchester
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One of the most impressive logo ideas is a logo of the University of Manchester. The trick is that the University has decided to put the date of its establishment just in the heart of the logo. Many colleges put the date of their establishment in the corner of the designs, in order to remind their students of their history and heritage. However, the University of Manchester gives a little bit different focus and puts the date underneath the ‘EST’ part of the word Manchester. It makes their logo recognizable, informative and by all means – outstanding. The colors are purple and gold, and that is to give us the ideas of royalty. Another example of a great design is the Griffon logo of the Missouri Western State University. The griffon is in the shape of the state of Missouri which makes it very recognizable.

So, how the university can develop such a successful logo? The same way as you can get help with your term paper from an online writing service, universities can use help from different marketing companies to create their branding. Such companies help universities find their image and voice, develop a brand-new logo or update the one that they already have. Universities understand the importance of re-branding, and that is why they turn to marketing companies for help. Today the university’s brand should look fresh and new and applicable to use on different social media platforms, websites, brochures and additional advertising.

Other colleges give their students the responsibility of creating a logo and designing the overall look. After the design is finished, it is also being applied to a range of printed materials, email signatures and so on. A positive example of such collaboration is ‘The U’ logo of the University of Miami, which was created by a couple of students in 1973. What makes this design stand out is that it works awesome with different slogans, such as ‘U gotta believe.’

University of Miami
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So, as we have already mentioned, today lots of universities are thinking about re-branding. Some logos don’t work digitally as they were designed for print and stationery only. But, the world has changed in the last 10 years, and today those old logos don’t work with mobile apps, clothes or social media. That was a reason why Stanford University hired a couple of years ago a design firm to change their logo. This firm spent a lot of time studying the architecture of Stanford and came up with a font that reflects the campus.

Stanford University
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However, sometimes re-branding can get negative feedback. One of the latest examples of an educational institution being criticized for its efforts to re-brand itself is the University of California. Many students described the new design as cheap and ugly; they even created a petition to stop the use of a new logo. The new logo, though, was not meant to replace a traditional one. It was created for social media use, websites, mobile phones and tablets, as the old one didn’t look good on the Internet and couldn’t be used as a ‘twitter icon.’ Re-branding efforts at other universities have been met with similar reactions. So, many people still can not accept changes, even though it is important to realize that branding strategies should keep up with technology advancement.

Although, some logos should stay the same. For instance, the University of Texas’s longhorn design is timeless. It hasn’t changed since its introduction in 1961, and it is still one of the most recognizable college logos in the world.

University of Texas
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An example of a successful re-branding campaign is the one that has been done in the Clemson University. This university has one of the best logos, which is widely recognized – tiger paw logo. It was introduced in 1970 as a part of the re-branding campaign. A tiger’s paw print looks appealing and fresh.

So, the university has an awesome logo if it is simple, timeless, appropriate and memorable. If you still have a college pullover with the logo on it, a notebook, bag or a backpack, then probably a designer did a pretty good job creating your college’s logo.

We hope you found this information, prepared by our au.edusson writers, useful and informative!

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