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Web Design Trends 2019 – 32 New Examples

Year 2019 is not so far away, so here we are discussing web design trends for 2019 and website design examples which can amaze you. In 2019 we can forget the old and bold trends such as Flat Design, Single Page Websites and Minimalist.

Here is the top Web Designs Trends for 2019:

Voice User Interface (VUI)

The smartest technology voice user interface (VUI) allows people to use voice input to control computers and devices. In simple words its enables voice experiences like the Star Trek computer and Alexa, Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices including the Amazon Echo. Voice experiences are great when they offer a faster, easier, or more delightful way of doing things.

Today’s VUIs technology are quickly growing smarter, learning the user’s speech patterns over time and even building their own vocabulary. With VUIs fast-evolving, voice is poised to be the next major disruption in computing.

Mobile First

As we know almist 50% of website traffic across the world today is generated via mobile phones. There is a need for online entrepreneurs to build mobile-ready websites because this trend doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Earlier this year we saw Google rolling out Mobile-first Indexing, putting more emphasis on sites with mobile versions. Today, mobile-optimized websites are the first to appear in search results. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are becoming so important. In case you don’t know what AMP is, it is an open-source standard of coding for publishers which facilitates quick loading of sites.

Big Bold Typography

Typography is a paramount tool when it comes to visibility – the bigger, the better. Its web applications have grown tremendously this year and there is a wide spectrum of typefaces available on the market. For instance, Serifs have made a comeback and as you can imagine, a large number of websites are combining san-serif and serif fonts to give a dynamic user experience and poster ideas. Because device resolutions are becoming sharper and sharper, the legibility factor has opened doors for the incorporation of custom fonts. If you want the best results, consider typography with high personality for both emphasis and aesthetics.

Animated Background / Videos and SVGs

Scalable Vector Graphics are not a new concept. But they have overtaken traditional file formats like GIF, JPG, and PNG. This is thanks to the many advantages offered by pixels including scalability and high speed. SVG give the best user experience due to their unmatched quality. Have you checked the latest city at night images? They all feature the SVG format.

Sticky Elements

Sticky navigation is becoming more and more prominent in web design. The trend is to have sticky elements at the top, bottom, or sides of the page, so it does not disturb the website visitor. This gives the user more access to more information. You can use sticky elements to highlight a promotion, your social media links, chatbot, or a call-to-action.

In conclusion, designing a more trendy website can be easier now than ever thanks to all the available tools, but there are still some coming in future so designers should have to watch out for. We hope that this article was able to help you understand some upcoming web design trends for 2019.

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Web Designers and Developers must follow the 2019 web design trends. Today we are shared beautiful collection of web design that follow the new web trends. I hope your will enjoy and get some great ideas for your next web  projects.

2019 Web Design Trend

Below you will see the examples of trendy web designs. Hope you like it. Enjoy

Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is an advertising photographer and director based in Los Angeles. Drawn to character and story-driven, cinematic imagery – whether in still or motion pictures.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 1

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If This Then Domino’s

Quick! What’s the first thing you would do if the zombie apocalypse were to hit? If you answered “Order pizza” then this is the website for you.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 2

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Elim Chan

When Elim was thirteen, one of her choir teachers saw something in her that truly marked the beginning of her musical journey. She saw a chief conductor in the making, and she was right

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 3

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Affinity Portugal

Affinity Portugal is a consultancy company specialised in Technology and Information Systems. Or in Human Relationships. It depends on who you ask.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 4

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Confederation Studio

A branding agency that launches and grows brands that challenge the ordinary and change the way people think. From rapid growth challenger startups to global not for profits.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 5

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Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is a French production company founded in 2010 by Marc-Benoît Créancier and Jessica Rosselet, based in Paris.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 6

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Bionic Sport

Corporate Website, interactive Avatar and Video for the EMS based Bionic Sport.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 7

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Joey Bada$$ – Political MC

French magazine SHOES UP covered the story of Joey Bada$$ and turned it into a digital experience.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 8

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Paradoxes Conseil

Paradoxes Conseil is a french training consulting company.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 9

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Communication Studio. BLAB promotes a Copernican revolution in communication, a return to humanism where the individual returns to the center with his tangible and increasingly real needs..

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 10

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Saints & Stars

Saints & starts is a next level gym that focuses on a luxurious on- and offline experience. The online platform breathes luxury and challenges the user to cross the line.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 11

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Denys Loveiko — Portfolio 2018

I position myself as a Creative Director, but I’m always happy to craft ideas and visions with my Designer’s hands.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 12

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Moment Zero

Moment Zero is an immersive experience in VR / 360° of all seismic activity since 1970. An experiment of Pilot, by Locomotive.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 13

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Gilles Tossoukpé Portfolio

I’m a French Freelance designer based in Paris, in love with graphic design and typography. My approach is minimalistic with clarity and balance in mind.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 14

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Sennep Games – Alphaputt

Love minigolf? Love typography? Then prepare to tee off with Alphaputt, the crazy golf game that turns the alphabet into your golf course.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 15

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Magic Leap

We blend tech, biology and creativity to reveal new worlds within our world.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 16

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A mobile and web development agency with a focus on design

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 17

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Wisedog is a multifunctional space, next to the city’s ancient theatre. It was established in 2014 by 7 forethinking individuals in order to host their own plans and projects.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 18

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Cargo – The Film

Official website for Cargo, an action/drama written by filmmaker Kareem J. Mortimer.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 19

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We’re a creative digital agency with a team of designers and developers who relish in crafting engaging digital experiences.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 20

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KIN Movie

Official movie site for the upcoming Lionsgate science fiction thriller KIN

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 21

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Humbert & Poyet

Humbert & Poyet is an architectural firm based in Monaco. They design and build luxury residences, restaurants, shops and offices.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 22

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HA – interactive brand studio

HA is an Interactive brand studio. We focus on strategically and creatively driven innovative digital solutions.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 23

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Yard is a creative house powered by people embracing current culture – whatever shape or form: music, fashion, art, sport.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 24

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Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 25

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Portfolio of Jean-Baptiste Giffard, french digital designer & creative developer.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 26

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Mistretta Coiffure

From minimal elegance to fluid navigation, every pixel is designed as an aesthetic experience like entering the Mistretta Salon.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 27

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Miranda Bike Parts

Miranda Bike Parts, with 60 years of experience in innovation, is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycle components in Europe.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 28

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Christopher Ireland

Christopher Ireland is an observer. His sensitivity and natural intuition make him the perfect man to Direct and Capture life.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 29

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Erik Jørgensen

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 30

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Kekubian Assassin

Throw shade at anyone trying to steal Najja’s joy in this mobile FPS for Random Acts of Flyness, Terence Nance’s new show on HBO.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 31

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Coda – Deadly Spiral

An interactive, fully responsive long form for a media company Coda Story, infused with illustrations, animations & motion design.

Web Design Trends 2019 - 32 New Examples - 32

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These trends are based on my personal web design knowledge. If you think there is more awesome and attractive web design trends come to mind, leave us a comments below!

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