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Why Graphic designing is a rapidly growing industry!

Graphic design is the art that allows you to plan your projects with creative ideas and communicate through graphical representation.

What is Graphic Design?

The past decade has seen a massive surge in graphic designing and content marketing strategies. Graphic designing stands way tall than other means of promoting businesses. This is merely because of the fact that visual interpretations tend to grab viewers’ attention better than any other means of marketing.

The existing trend of infographics is a living proof of how far graphic designing has come. As much as there is need for detailed descriptions, common people generally tend to overlook most of it. People are rather interested in a more engaging pathway for transfer of thoughts.

What is Graphic Design?

Hence, informative graphics with slight wordplay here and there is the current charismatic way of communicating necessary details to the public.

It is a leading profession today with nearly 260,000 people employed as graphic designers in the U.S. It generates an annual revenue of $11 billion. Moreover, almost 25% of the graphic designers are self-employed.

A graphic designer is responsible for making visuals using different tools that convey the right message about a product or service through their design. The layout and design of advertisements, brochures and magazines are designed by graphic designers. They are also popular by the name of graphic artists.

Posters, advertisements, packages and magazines are some of the print areas which use graphic design for effective conveyance of ideas and thoughts. It is a rapidly growing industry at present, with respect to the growth of digital platform in the world.

People depend on the internet for a lot of things these days. Businesses have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a massive audience. They also have the choice of targeting a specific portion of the population. Graphical representation of ideas related to any product is really important to market the business well.

Role of Graphic Design

Role of Graphic Design

Identity- Every business offers a unique set of products or services that stand out from their competitors. Graphic designers enable such businesses portray their image in a distinctive fashion and help them achieve unique identities.

Impact– It leaves a long-lasting impact on the viewer. It is an established fact that a person tends to remember a visual representation longer than other means of conveyance of thoughts. It is certain that the audience will remember a brand if it is displayed in a creative way.

Brand message– It helps to convey the right message for your product. It is a difficult task as sometimes the message can be taken wrong. A good graphic designer will definitely know how to convey it.

Market your product– People tend to be attracted towards visually appealing graphics rather than reading long product descriptions. Hence, hiring a good graphic designing team can substantially affect the marketing and sales of a product.

reliability – how likely are you to buy a product that is not marketed well? Proper use of graphic designing helps you to express your concerns better and eventually gain trust of the masses.

Rise in the Market

Rise in the Market

Today, graphic design is not only used for product packaging or as a marketing strategy but has grown a lot more than that. With the launch of every new company the need for graphic designers rise. Companies use innovative ways using graphical representation to promote themselves.

Researchers spend more and more time on the internet to analyze the traffic inflow of their websites. They analyze the content and graphics that drives more actions or likes on their websites. Almost 40% of the communication that a company does is visual. Technology has made it possible for businesses to have live tracking of their web pages and they can plan their content and design accordingly.

Good designs and layouts have the potential to convert viewers in to buyers. Neat and creative profile will always help to gain the trust of your consumers and build your consumer inflow.  Whereas, weak and outdated websites those who don’t indulge designs into their content can have a negative impact on their business and building an image of their brand gets a bit difficult.

With the growth of digital graphical technology, career in this field has also seen a growth. A person can choose from a variety of fields that he/she wishes to opt for.

With increasing demand for graphic designers, a lot of organizations have started institutes for graphic designing. As a matter of fact, there are around 1,500 graphic design institutes based in British Columbia alone.  With organizations evolving and transitioning into casual work places, the globe has seen more opportunities for freelancers.

Impact on the Society

Impact on the Society

It influences the society to develop a specific image of the brand through the design. If the graphical representation is not portrayed well it can ruin the reputation of a brand/business. Graphical representation is very crucial in every aspect of a business.

Especially for those who are up-to-date as per the societal trends. They want to be updated in every aspect and the very first thing they go to is the internet. The blogs they read, the websites they visit, the content they view on social media, all of these factors influence them. If the content and graphic are wisely framed, they can exert a great impact on the targeted audience. But at the same time, even a small mistake or negative graphical representation can take it all away.


Increase in Demand

Graphic designing at present is more than just creating attractive visuals. It has become an integral tool of online and offline marketing. As graphic design can never go out of fashion and will always be in demand, it can lead you to different career paths. Graphic designing has opened various job opportunities in many fields.

Design can be a great alternative at times for content. Creativity and branding are important for any business to market themselves.

From casual work attire to flexible work timings, graphic designers lead a convenient lifestyle. It is indeed a platform that can elevate small businesses to a whole another level.

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