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36 Hilarious and Clever Print Advertisements


Funny and clever Print Advertisements are effortless ways to put a Smile on Face. We all watched lots of digital TVC ads and some are really hilarious  and awesome. Funny ads make your brand or product more attractive and eye-catching. The print advertisements is the fastest way to communicate the message to world. Print advertising continues to be a strong market, companies spending dollars to make there ads really creative and inspiring.

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Funny Print Adverts

For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. An advertising posters ad campaign starts with a creative idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals. Today we’re rounded up 36 Hilarious and Clever Print Advertisements design by highly professional graphic and advertising agencies.

Nutristar Deer Campaign

Diet plays a key role in keeping cattle healthy and maintaining the quality of the milk they produce. This is why Nutristar selects feed and fodder able to guarantee both animal well being and efficient production. Nutristar’s 2018 communication campaign transmits a simple yet incisive concept: if the food is top-quality, other animals will want to eat just like the cattle – or rather, they’ll want to be just like the cattle.

Get A Real Life Campaign – Twitter Campaign

Life is all about toping the ups and enjoying the ride as it goes down, not just fake fluffy dog filters or some tweaked tweets written to flip you the bird, or some carousel photos telling a 30-second story of your day that you edited its caption like five times before posting it to make sure your status has just the right words that describes every moment you forgot to live in real life.

Detran-RN Consequences Campaign

Brazil is one of the recordist countries in motorcycle accidents in the world. Therefore, the importance of producing creative, impactful and efficient advertising campaigns have the goal of raising awareness, to educate bikers about traffic growing. After all, a thousandth of a second can have consequences for the rest of your life.

WWF Lion Campaign

This campaign was initiated to address animal cruelty. So, we created a series of images portraying the different scenarios where animals are being mistreated and as a consequence of human interference there are negative implications of those animals’ habitat which might lead to their extinction. We highlight how it could be such a trivial activity for humans and its aftermath on those species.

Bonduelle Bean Green Campaign

Atresmedia Constantes y Vitales Peanut Campaign

The third most common death from external causes in Spain is a complete unknown. It is choking and the initiative Constantes y Vitales by Atresmedia decided to make an advertising campaign to raise awareness about its danger and how to prevent it.

Amnesty International Write for Rights Campaign

very year around International Human Rights Day on December 10th, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a letter or an e-mail on behalf of someone they’ve never met.

These messages help convince government officials to release people imprisoned for expressing their opinion (called “prisoners of conscience” by Amnesty), stop the use of torture, commute death sentences and end other human rights abuses.

This year’s writeathon focused on 10 women who are imprisoned or persecuted because they defend human rights in their communities.

Writing for rights works. For more than 13 years, writeathons have changed lives and helped to free hundreds of prisoners of conscience. In 2017, more than 5.5 million cards were sent from over 208 countries and territories.

True Life Few Inches, Worth A Lot

Its all about few inches; the overweight creates an extra inches which hinder a lot of your normal activities and deprive you from some
feelings. The campaign is visualizing two main concepts:

1- The hug feeling is not that easy anymore, as you see the kid cannot have his hands locked together.

2- Obesity has multiple complications on health which hinder your normal activity and might lead to death. so please get rid of these extra inches to enjoy a complete life, for you and your kids.

Telia Servers Campaign

Less Plastic Danger in the Water – Forks Campaign

From tsunamis to sharks, the ocean is full of danger. But the real threat doesnt come from the ocean at all.

Using found plastic, we created a series of posters and social assets for the non-profit Less Plastic that shows the biggest threat facing our oceans: plastic pollution.

McDonalds McDrive Campaign

Mundo Yogi Yoga Inflatable Man Campaign

Fundación Monica Licona Bike Campaign

Cycling is one the fastest growing sports in Panama despite the dangerous roads and lack of information about the law.

Many car drivers get annoyed by cyclists and accidents are common.

Samsung Mammoth

Ad promoting a new microwave with bigger capacity.

Castrol Castrol GTX Oil Campaign

Icon ad developed visuals for Castrol GTX Oil with the use of latest CGI and 3D methods. The concept is based on the extreme and rough conditions an engine goes through and in order to function smoothly, it needs Castrol GTX Oil. The visuals show the machine consuming Castrol GTX oil and surviving in such tough conditions.

Munchi Relaxing Pacifier – Game Time Campaign

McDonalds Little Carnivores – Cherry Campaign

McDonalds know parents welcome any help when it comes to make their kids eat well.

That is why the Happy Meal has several options of seasonal fruit and vegetables on its menu.

So next time your little carnivores go to McDs they will discover how fun and tasty fruits and veggies can be.

Nailfungus.ca Do not Ignore It Campaign

This is a print campaign to raise awareness about nail fungus. This toenail infection is contagious and worsens over time. That’s why it shouldn’t be ignored.

Fathers Day Ad

Sea Shepherd Tuna Campaign

One In Nine Airbags

In order to raise awareness to the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer, the ad presents the consumer with the concerning fact that more women die in Israel from breast cancer than in car accidents and encourages them to go and get tested. The ad was published during breast cancer awareness month.


Even after 58 years, the idea of a great Nigerian nation can only get sharper despite all that she’s been through. With every sharpening, the pencil remains on course, unbroken but determined to give a better shade of a beautiful image.

McDonalds McSundae Halloween

John Fedor Hunter Instinct Campaign

John&Fedor is a fast food restaurant where you can be sure that your burger is made of real fresh meat and other fresh ingredients.

Cleartrip Planet Plastic – The Pitiful Pyramids Campaign

Cleartrip is one of India is leading platforms for travel bookings. Since Cleartrip enables thousands of travelers in India to see the wonders of the world, we planned to educate travelers on the importance of not littering while on their travels, lest they only want to be remembered for their litter. After all, we are all only remembered for what we leave behind.

Disque Denuncia Secrecy Campaign

Disque-Denúncia Rio is a call center that, in partnership with the Department of Public Safety, receives denunciations from citizens that experience or witness criminal actions, transferring them to the authorities. The campaign highlights the guarantee of anonymity and the integrity of those who call to make a denunciation, stimulating the fight against violence in Rio.

JBL Block out the Chaos, World Leaders Campaign

Huawei Night Mode Photos Without Flash – Owl Campaign

Objective: Create a visual that demonstrates one of the benefits of Huawei P20 Pro smartphone – high quality night-mode photography without the flashlight.

Idea: Only nightlife lovers can truly appreciate night-mode photography without the flashlight.

Etu Odi Etu Odi Happy Eid

During the Muslim festival of Eid-el Kabir (also known as the festival of sacrifice) Muslims in Nigeria kill rams to commemorate it while Christians kill chickens at Christmas to celebrate. This ad of a chicken making fun of the fate of rams while being thankful for being alive is tongue in cheek. The ad is also a friendly and playful way of wishing our Muslim colleagues and Clients well during the festival.

Salzburg Zoo Night Zoo – Capricorn Campaign

Rosave A Dual Protection , 2 Campaign

Rosave A is a Medicine that offers dual protection in secondary prevention of CV ( cardiovascular ). so we have shown the protection angle by using animals ( insects) those who have natural shield and have made them with two shields to show dual protection.

Noahs Ark Creative Fathers Day Campaign

Arche Warder Rare Farm Animals Campaign

Lazzmaster Trip to Antalya

Jaws Jaws on the Water

National Geographic Africa is Deadliest – Lion X Zebra Campaign

Our creative concept for Africa is Deadliest TV show is to exemplify the face-to-face aspect of predator versus prey in a creative manner through the circle of life. Visually, we have personified the tension that exists between the two animals through dramatic art. Verbally, we have reinforced this through a consistent headline that sits across all communication.

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