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Celebrating 200,000 Pinterest followers

Hurray!!! Celebrating yet another big milestone that we achieved on last week and its 200k followers on Pinterest!! All the credit goes to GDJ’s Social Media Team and our great followers and subscribers how shows their great support to achieve this. Perhaps! It’s a big day of our social media marketing team.

200k followers Mobile Screen short

From all our social media channel, it’s obvious that Pinterest is one of my favorite as it is also a visual log of our website activities that we perform or even consider to pursue to find the ultimate results in our favor. And obviously we have found out that our followers adore these mini clips, images, content which we share with them. Would any one of you like to guess why is that so? It’s solely by virtue of the curiosity in them, that what’s the next we are coming up with for them.

200k followers on Pinterest

Not only this, but our celebration of 200,000 followers on Pinterest is also because we are not only found a number of customers but some loyal friends through this platform as well; whom are always cheering and encouraging us to keep posting and giving out our obsession for our very business.

Now it’s the time to relax, share and continue to meet the most amazing of people out there in the world, just because we are celebrating 200k Pinterest followers.

Thank you for your support and appreciation. And please keep follow us on Pinterest 🙂

keep follow us on Pinterest
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