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Rank High and Win $25K: The Battle between Wix Enthusiasts and Sceptics

Wix is quite a popular platform among the masses. The platform openly claims to rank well on search engines. Considering the importance of a high SERP, it isn’t a surprise that various website owners build their sites on Wix. At the same time, many are sceptical about this claim.

Recently, Wix announced that it is willing to put its claim into a demonstration. How? Wix is recruiting two agencies to battle it out and get the highest ranking on the Google engine for the keyword “Wix SEO”. Whoever succeeds in doing so will take home a whopping $25k!

An Overview of Wix

Wix is a web design and development platform used by more than 150 million people all over the world. It features a cloud-based system and manages to deliver convenience due to its smooth interface and easy to use designs. Compared to some of the other web design platforms in the market, Wix stands out due to customization features.

With Wix, you can easily create a highly customized website which is unique in terms of design and content. At the same time, the platform ensures that your website is mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly and fast. The packages offered by the company are highly affordable making the platform ideal for small and enterprise-level businesses alike.

Who is better for SEO? The Battle for $25k

While Wix is undoubtedly one of the most sought after web design and development platforms, this doesn’t mean that the platform has stopped its efforts to innovate and create a buzz. To prove the extent of SEO-friendliness of its platform, Wix has launched a competition. Two teams will be chosen to compete.  It is the ultimate Battle between Wix Lovers and Haters.

While the team who loves Wix will build their Wix website and use the various SEO tools provided to try and get the top spot, those who don’t like the platform will try to prove their point by using other platforms to rank high on the search engine for the keyword “Wix SEO”.

Whichever team ranks on top for the query will receive $25k. On the other hand, the losing team won’t go empty-handed either. Instead, they will take home $10k for their efforts. The competition will span across six months since SEO efforts are not instantaneous.

Lukasz Zelezny, who is a social media marketing and SEO expert will take on the responsibility of selecting the two SEO agencies, consultants or freelancers to take part in the competition. Metrics of selection include current online presence, experience, Google ranking and online reviews.

The competition will begin on 26th June 2019 and will culminate on 19th December 2019 at 12:00 pm ET. After the two teams have been selected and the competition has begun, Wix will keep everyone updates through weekly updates.

Do you want to battle it out?

If you are an agency, consultancy or freelancer with either love for Wix or hatred for it, you can get a chance to win big. Apply to the Wix SEO battle and try your luck.

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