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6 Amazing Typography Video Templates: Easy & Fast


With new video features coming up more often than ever, video marketing has become a key to every business. In today’s business world, video is all about creating winning visual messages and spreading them across the audience to boost engagement.

Even the data by Small Business Trends also show that videos generate 12 times more shared as compared to images and text combined.

When it comes to getting more views and shares on your business videos, typography plays a vital role in the presentation process. Typography can change the entire look and appeal of your business videos. If you want to make your business a success, you should incorporate typography into your video marketing strategy. Now, let’s know the role of typography in your business.

The Importance of Kinetic Typography Videos

Typography is something that can be immediately noticed and appreciated, especially in the advertising industry. The terms “typography” and “font” are used interchangeably by people. However, there is a difference in both terms. If you think typography is all about selecting the nice-looking fonts, you’re totally mistaken.

In simple words, typography is the art of arranging text to create an attractive visual format. One most important aspect of typography is – the font type and size of the text. According to an article published on Usability News, Arial, Comic Sans, and Verdana are the most preferred font types at 10, 12, and 14 point sizes. You can use them in your business videos and articles to get more views.

Now, let’s have a look at some points which show the importance of kinetic typography videos in your business.

Grab the Attention of Your Audience

Everything you are posting on your business website and social media platforms is to attract the audience and make some permanent customers. The most important thing you need to take care of to reach your business goal is to make sure the content you’re posting is attractive and easy to understand. If used appropriately, kinetic typography videos can help you convey a certain feeling or mood to your audience. Having the correct font type and size help you set the tone for your video and engage people.

Easy to Read

Using fonts that are clean and readable are key to any video. If fonts you’re using are too small or big, they make your video look bored and useless. The right use of typography is a great way to produce engaging videos that are easy to comprehend.

Forms an Information Hierarchy

By using different font sizes and types to display your video content, you can explain the important points of your video to the audience easily. Your audience can distinguish the main points simply by looking at your video. This encourages your viewers to pay more attention to your videos.

Builds a Harmony

The right use of typography throughout a video unifies it. The use of the same font in the entire video builds simplicity and continuity. Keeping the font of your text aligned and proportioned synchronizes your videos and keeps them uncluttered.

Establishes Recognition

The font you use to represent your text is something your viewers will remember the most. If you want your visitors to recognize your business at any time or at any place, make use of typography. Typography makes your videos and company in building a mark on the audience’s minds.

Tips to Create a Kinetic Typography Video

Kinetic typography is a simply fantastic idea of displaying textual information in a visual way. It’s a perfect advertising vehicle for businesses who want to spread their business message perfectly across the globe without losing the existing audience. Rendering your text information in an appealing way is a fundamental skill. But keeping technical factors aside, there are online tools that can help you in creating kinetic typography videos.

Renderforest, for instance, is a video making tool that can help you create impressive typography videos effortlessly. Let’s discuss how to create a kinetic typography video using this tool. Here are simple tips that you need to follow to create a typography video in no time:

  • Firstly, create an account on Renderforest. If you already have one, then log into the tool.
  • Select a typography template from available video templates, depending on your needs.
  • Once you’ve selected your typography template, click on the CREATE button.
  • Now the next step is to insert a scene. Hit “Add Scene” to do so.
  • Once you add a scene, it is time to add the text that you want to show to your audience. Now, select the style of the text by clicking on the “Style” tab. After clicking, you will have options to pick from including Standard Version, Wiggle Version, or Thin Version. You may pick any version depending on your needs.
  • In this step, click on the Choose Color menu to select a suitable color as per your imagination and theme’s requirements.
  • Now it’s time to make your video more impressive by adding music and sound. To do so, click on the Add Music tab. Choose music from Renderforest’s catalogue or upload your own.
  • After finishing all the phases of kinetic typography video making, click on the Preview tab to see what you’ve produced.

Your typography video is ready and you can publish it to different platforms to advertise your business successfully. As mentioned above, you need to select a typography template to generate a typography video. Now, we’ll discuss a few kinetic typography video templates that you can use to make your final typography videos. Let’s take a look:

  1. Neon Stardust Typography: If you want to create a magical and outstanding video, Neon Stardust Typography is something you must use. This template helps you in making enchanting text visualizations to surprise everyone with your creativity. You can use it to create video messages, presentation openers, product promos, and more.
  1. Across The Universe: If you belong to the cinematic industry, you should go with Across The Universe typography. It’s a high-quality, inspirational, and flexible template with a realistic appearance. Using this template, you may create impressive movie trailers or cinematic film titles in minutes.
  1. Shaky Typography Toolkit: This template features 3 different styles, an extra logo animation scene, and color customization options to create interactive videos in a few minutes. It is perfect to make promo videos, lyrics videos, announcements, etc. Use this tool to create something out of the box with an innovative approach.
  1. Unreal Abstraction Typography: The template is available in three styles and is an excellent blend of text, unique transitions, and animations. With breathtaking strikes, powerful atmosphere, and unreal shapes, it’s a perfect fit for promotional messages, corporate presentations, business projects, and more.
  1. Glitch Typography Pack: This template can help you take your video messages to another level. Glitch Typography Pack is designed to help people deliver their messages across the target audience. If you want to expand your audience reach, you should pick this template.
  1. Network Typography: Regardless of your business type, if you want to display your brand message in style, this is the right pick. With animated backgrounds, this template is perfect to market your services and products or to convey inspirational messages. The template is available in varying background colors and can help you create promo and corporate videos with ease.

These are some important typography templates that you can choose from to create innovative typography videos depending on your business needs. You can use them for everything from business advertising to promotion to telling a story and more.

Wrapping Up the Post

Video typography is an art of arranging and rearranging text in attractive visual formats. All-inclusive, there is no surprise that kinetic typography videos have become a big part of this digital world. If you want to stay competitive and unique in the business race, it’s time to invest in the world of typography videos. Use this approach appropriately and be ready to take your business to the next level.

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