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Why Professional Photography Prints Matter 2019


With the ushering of the digital era in the field of photography, an abundance of changes have taken place. Today, pictures are being clicked more than ever, and almost everyone carries a gazillion snaps every year. In such a point of time, how important are professional photography prints? Far from being obsolete, photography prints matter more than ever and have their value both for clients as well as for professional photographers themselves.

Digital photography has made it possible for taking new styles of photographs and the new, advanced technologies have expanded the storage capacity of digital photographs to a great, great extent. However, recent technological advancements have not yet been able to diminish the importance of photography prints. This ‘analog’ part of photography is still as relevant as ever, in this digital age of clicking and uploading millions of pictures every moment in the world.

The talent involved in the process of photo printing is almost an art in itself, and it reflects the creativity, originality, and passion of the photographer in a physical specimen of his work. The process of printing photographs on paper, canvas, metal, or wood brings the photograph to life, an impact which a picture merely displayed on an electronic screen is simply never able to achieve.


Remember the big fat family album you went through on some leisurely evening or on a special day, with your family members? The journey through time by sifting through old photographs is a beautiful thing. It feels like reliving the moments that were captured and magically treasured in pieces of paper.

Printed family album

Long lost days of childhood, birthdays, vacations-everything comes alive in your mind once you go through the photographs. Earlier, taking and printing photographs were a much bigger deal than it is today. Due to the limited number of pictures one could take, every picture was unique and very valuable.

Printing photographs today helps you to enjoy the same nostalgia so that you can pass down the fleeting moments with your loved ones, trapped in paper, and the generations to come can take a walk down the memory lane through those prints. Passing down scores of hard drives doesn’t feel as charming as leaving behind a collection of the most special moments of you and your family.

Professional photographer

As a photographer, if you decide to print every picture that you click on a session, it will just be like old times and the quality of your photography will increase. This is because you will refrain from clicking repetitive shots and automatically ensure that every click is one of a kind and captures an extraordinary moment.

Prints Last a Lifetime

When you make memories which you wish to treasure forever, you want to keep them in a way that will last a lifetime. We all have boxes of photographs lying around in our family for generations, and we can go back to them any time we want to. However, when it comes to digital photography, the very driving force of technological advancement turns out to be a kind of a problem. That is, we are never sure what changes in digital photography storage techniques are awaiting us.

For example, there were floppy disks in the 80’s which eventually became obsolete early in the 2000’s, and CD’s, which were pretty popular methods of storage up until the very 2010’s, are on their way towards obsolescence, as many modern computers and devices do not have a computer optical drive.

Nowadays, there is the option to upload digital images to an online cloud, but even then, the risk of losing data due to technical glitches still remains. Therefore, there is a chance that your precious photographs might be lost without you having any control over it. Making a copy of every single digital picture, or saving all your old digital photographs anew from multiple devices is tedious, and since we click almost too many pictures all day with our smartphones, it is impossible to make time to save a copy of every digital photo you have ever clicked. And even then there remains uncertainty in this kind of a storage process, and once your data containing thousands of digital photos are accidentally deleted, often there is little chance of recovery.

Digital Photo Prints

Professional photography prints, on the other hand, are immune to the evolution of technology. Failure in technology such as technical mishaps of deletion will not affect photography prints, and you don’t have to go through the awful experience of losing a photograph, which is akin to losing a memory. Whether you’re a consumer of photography or a photographer yourself, capture precious moments and get them printed if you wish to conserve them for a lifetime- or even longer, as professional photography prints are extremely durable.

Tangibility and Beauty

The greatest difference between digital photographs and printed ones is the fact that the former are not tangible while the latter is. If you are a professional photographer, having your photographs printed and displayed to potential customers not only increase your professional value as a photographer but also as an artist.

When you take a picture, you also make it-every picture tells a different story. When that picture, worth a thousand words, is printed on a medium and presented to the viewer, the impact of it increases due to the sheer quality of tangibility. A printed picture can be felt and feels more real than a digital photo on some screen.

The photograph seems to become more of a part of this physical world, and the onlookers are affected in a greater degree. The best photographers exhibit their photographs on print and not in some memory card, as this shows that they care about delivering the best service to their customers and offer finished product, not to mention that it takes a whole lot of skills to take photographs which look equally good in print as they did on a bright digital screen.

Printed photography

It is also very important to point out that a physical print is far more beautiful than a digital version because the physicality of it plays a key role in making a deeper impact on our minds. Printing large family portraits and group photographs on canvas and making a gallery wall in a house is far more precious to anyone when compared to some digital photographs in a device.

Consumers are leaning towards printing personal photographs as well as artistic shots and illustrations on canvas through CanvasPop since the magnificent physical effect of high-quality canvas prints looks amazing. As time passes, therefore, to both professional photographers and ordinary consumers of photography, the relevance and need for professional photography prints remain as high as ever.

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