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How about Weatherstack – The most reliable weather update tool


One the major concerns for the recent time is rapid climate change. Climate change is the key concerns now a days and many organization, NGOs and environmentalist are working for this cause. Companies are making their operations, workplaces, products, and manufacturing sites, environmentally friendly.

To get an update regarding weather, constant weather updates and historical trends are important to forecast upcoming climate changes. For e.g. to manage supply chain system and E2E distribution all the shipping companies, manufacturer must update regarding upcoming weather, so that delivery and dispatching of goods can be made possible without any hurdles.

Weather updates are not just limited to organizations or companies, travelers and even individuals are also concern about weather update so that they can make their daily commutes and journeys hassle free.

For such real time updates Weatherstack is best tool which gives real-time updates. Not only future or present updates but also historical weather trend of several locations. This solution is easily affordable and for all kinds of customers, companies, individuals or freelancers around the globe. Its data consistency is remarkable and has an easy implementation setup. This product is developed by “Apilayer” who has an experience in developing several user-friendly and remarkable products which cloud-based API and Software-as-a-Service aka SaaS are.

Real-Time & Historical World Weather Data API

The weatherstack API gets data from big weather stations and data providers in the world. These weather data providers are known for their data accuracy and data consistency. Weatherstack provides most updated weather information to its users.

User Dashboard:

Each user has their own dashboard where they can access all the features available to them as per their subscribed monthly plan. Payment option and updates can also be seen at the dashboard.

Monthly Plans:

This tool has 5 packages:

  • First package has free subscription and offers 1.000 calls per month, limited support and real-time weather updates. Free plan is mainly to make users familiarize with the tool and help get them on board with it.
  • Second is standard package for only $9.99 per month. It offers unlimited support with up to 50.000 calls per month. Furthermore, it also has real-time weather option, location lookup, HTTPS encryption, Astronomy data trends, hour by hour data and full historical data.
  • Third one is for professionals and charges are $49.99 per month. It offers same features as second package along with addition of 300.000 calls per month, 7-day forecast data, can be accessed in 40 different languages and has an option to cater bulk queries.
  • Fourth package is even more elaborate with subscription charges of $99.99 per month. It is additional features of 1.000.000 calls per month, premium support, and 14 day forecast data. This package is made to cater needs of businesses.
  • Final package is for enterprises. It is custom made with customized solutions as per needs of an enterprise.

Yearly billing of above packages offers further 20% reduction on total subscription amount. The best way to choose among above plans is to assess your need of requesting weather data updates in a month. This is the determining factor which helps one choose the best possible plan.

Mode of Payment:

This tool supports two main modes of payments, credits and PayPal. Large enterprises and businesses can also opt for bank transfer. Mode of payment can be changed at any given time by the customer. Ease of customer comes first.

API Salient Features:

Whenever, API service is used to see weather updates, one API request is consumed. Overall, pricing is based on number of API requests generated in a month. As soon as 75%, 90% and 100% limit of API service is consumed, users get notifications; at maximum 20% of total quote can be exceeded.

Another remarkable thing about weatherstack is that API system is closely monitored all year long. Extra effort is always put into making it available. The average uptime rate is almost 100%.

If you are someone who needs weather updates on regular basis, this product is for you. Be it historical data, real time weather information or weather forecasting; It provides its users with comprehensive solutions for all weather needs. Instant access to weather data is available for any location in the world. You can start with free subscription plan to test this API, if it suits your needs, you can upgrade to other plans later. For free subscription, no credit cards are required so its hassle free. Weatherstack API has one of the best cloud infrastructures, which delivers data at the speed of milliseconds, and uptime of almost 100%. This is the best one could get in a weather data tool.

Currently, renowned organizations like Microsoft, Ericsson, Deloitte and Schneider Electric are using this product and they are very happy with the services and customer support of weatherstack API.


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